The idea of slowing down the aging process and living a healthier, more productive life is hugely appealing. It is lead to the growing trend for people looking to take control of their own biology, optimizing their bodies, and minds through biohacking. But how safe and ethical is this pursuit of longevity. And are there natural ways of boosting your biology? Can you actually hack the aging process or is it just a myth? Is food has anything to do with aging process or longevity? In this article, we will decode all the elements related to aging and reverse aging as well as lifestyle and longevity.

Dave Asprey is an American entrepreneur and self-described father of biohacking. He said; I fully expect and this is not a made-up number to live to at least 180 years old unless something like a tree falling on me takes me out.

 A lot of people ask: can we really hack the aging process?

And we are now on the cusp with literary about 50 different, innovation to control the biology, of aging coming online all at that same time. And I have 100% certainly that within a few days, our innovations, that come in, happen faster than our aging.

It is certainly true that the scientific understanding of aging has progressed rapidly in recent decades. But why is that?

 I think one of the really big surprises that are come along about aging is how malleable it is, especially in animals, and what comes as a surprise is that sometimes the same thing will expand the healthy lifespan of a fly, but also of a mouse.

And what that is telling us, of course, is that some of the underlying mechanisms of aging that we are interfering with- are common between these animals.

I think this is the reason why aging has opened up really to research in recent years. It is the discovery that we can use these short-lived things where we can get the answers more quickly, to understand what is going on in the creatures that we really care about, particularly ourselves.

As the science of aging and longevity has become more advanced, scientist are learning how to not just slow down and gradually the effect of aging, but truly reverse many aspects of aging.

Scientists believe the cells in our bodies have youthful information when we are born and over time they lose that information. They have discovered that there is information in the cell to reset the system in a way that you could reboot a computer with fresh software.

For example, Scientist have recently reprogrammed the eye of an old mouse to be young again and those old mice get their vision back.

And this is just the beginning of being able to turn the clock back, literally to make younger tissues in the body.

There are several companies within the growing longevity industry who are working on developing regenerative therapies to combat the disease of aging. One such company is Elevian.

They are investing in how a protein found in young blood might have surprising regenerative capabilities. The co-founder is part of a team that really made some important discoveries. They discovered that young blood can rejuvenate blood aged animal, and vice versa, aged blood can accelerate aging in young animals.

And out of that work, they identified this little known factor called GDF 11 that decreases with age. And what they and other labs have now found that a very similar dose range of GDF 11. It can be used to treat and prevent dozen of age-related process.

 This research which actually begins on mice is still in its early age preclinical stage. And drug development process that arises from it has to be through which can take years. Elevian estimates that there are at least a year and a halfway from even beginning human clinical trials.

 For those impatient to slow down their aging process and not keen to take part in experimental trials, there is a step that people can take in their lives.

In many other ways, the processing of age is in our hands during a lifetime. It is very clear you should do exercise as much as you can. It is a healthy step. You should take a healthy diet but not in quantity. Avoid overeating.

Dr. David Sinclair believes that certain stresses on the body can actually be good for longevity. If you do things that trick the body into thinking, hunger, fasting, and intentional skipping meal.

But also losing your breath, so running on a treadmill, doing a lot of heavy weight lifting. I think that these are another way to promote the body’s defense.

 And the combination of all of those things actually is known to extend lifespan by keeping people healthier for longer.

Some biohackers are determined to go further and are willing to perform therapies on their own bodies. The process may include extraction of stem cells from bone marrow and then introduce regenerative stem cells into the body.

There will be 150 supplements that are part of scientist regime for self-experiment. There are many degrees to what people want to go down to the slow aging process. Biohacking has become a global movement and there are many scientists who would like to do self-experiment.

But anything without evidence and especially in self-experiment can be dangerous. Scientists are excited as well as nervous about final results.


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