Books are the best source of enhancing vision and developing perception. Indeed, they open the door for a new world of critical approach and analytical thinking. Books are of two types of good books and bad books. It depends on the taste of the reader and the sense of judgment. They leave a deep impact on readers’ minds. No matter what kind of books you read, you unintentionally start practicing in life. You must choose books wisely. Books are good friends. They bring solutions and raise curiosity. Knowledge leads to wisdom. Knowledge urges a sense of learning. This is an endless journey. Knowledge has no ends. Every inch around us has something to teach.  We must listen to all of the dominions.

What are the categories of Books?

The world has diverse categories of books. People love and read diversity. Diversity makes you explore your inner. You eventually start finding out what type of choices you want to make in life. Diversity paves the way for clearance similarity and except.


I section them in general categories for audience feasibility. There is a possibility that a person goes with only one type, or maybe it will change his taste after intervals. COVID-19 caged us in homes. There is excessive free time for self-leaning and improvements. We must utilize it by reading books. A good book can change aspects of life. It can clear those dimension which is hazy because of laborious work. General categories of books are;

  • Fiction
  • Non Fiction/ Personality development
  • Autobiographies
  • Travel Itinerary

Why book reading is necessary

Book reading makes the mind active and sharp. We perceive at a glance. We develop critical thinking. Book reading able us to choose to reason over nonsensical stuff. All categories have a touch of creativity and imagination, and deep thought. The best writer is one who designs words according to unsaid questions of people. The best writer gives a solution to a problem which people likely to ask.


A book writer always observes and predicts his audience. Book reading is an endless activity; once you dive into the ocean of books, you will never end the journey of knowledge. Indeed, in return, learning will reward you with productivity and self-development, which are pillars of a successful life.

Role Books in Quarantine

Coronavirus outbreak, which is associated with respiratory tract problems, has locked down the world. Therefore people are always in search of new activities. Some people choose book reading for self- improvements, and developments. But they do not know what to read. There are five good books that will make you feel alive and likely make your vision broad.

Top 5 Best Books of all ages

Below mentioned books are a beneficial source of entertainment for all ages.

1.  Charlie and Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahal


When we speak for fantasy books; indeed, the very first name that comes to our mind is Harry potter. But Charlie and chocolate factory offer us a trip to the chocolate world. A poor young boy with greedy fellows goes on a trip of chocolate world more likely chocolate factory offered by chocolate factory owner Willy Wonka. All fellows felt to greed and humility. But his modesty marks him with fame money and permanent house near the chocolate waterfall

2. Frankenstein by Mary Shelly


An English novelist Mary Shelly wrote an excellent infusion of horror, science, and adventure. The novel tells about Victor Frankenstein, an enthusiastic scientist who created a giant horror creature and got terrified about what he has done in the laboratory. An emotional touch comes when a giant creature Frankenstein seeks companionship and kindness. This story covers all emotional aspects, from horror and experiments to romance and mercy.

3.The success principle by Jack Canfield.


Jack canfield advised 65 methods of improving life; if you are a die hard fan of self-learning and practicing it, you must go with The success principle. This book holds innovative ideas and gives you hope to fight with hurdles. Sixty-five methods are a source of exploration and can be used as a source of building blocks for success. Self-improvement is the first building block in progress. A successful person always knew what and how to tackle the cons of personality. Gradual improvements make you better every day. Indeed, success comes closer with every step

4.The power of positive thinking by Dr.Norman Vincent.


Attitude plays a major role in the journey of success. A successful person is one who never afraid of failures but takes them as a challenge. Every failure is a teacher and pushes you for improvements. Once you are able enough to hold success, it comes to you. But progress has a ground of positive thinking and positive perceptions. This book compels you to develop a positive attitude for life. Your positivity earns the victory. Success is nothing but merely struggle to believe, and a ray of hope to achieve what you dream.

5. Safar dar  Safar by Ishfaq Ahmed- A travelogue


Ashfaq Ahmed is the name of classic Urdu literature. Safar dar Safar is a travelogue wrote by him. This book is a journey of spices and events. Many interesting characters and philosophical touch explain secrets and the harsh realities of life. Ashfaq Ahmed answered the question which arose in mind whenever we are alone. This book can take you on the journey while you are locked down in quarantine. It should be a priority for those who love travel and philosophy. Its thoughtful touch attracts people who always in search of a solution that the soul questions and creates chaos.


Books are a good companion because they listen and talk. They suggested and recommended when we have no one. They are eternal. Their services are endless. They don’t choose us on priority bases. Books possess all characteristics of a loyal and faithful friend. They cover all dominions of life from relationships problem to work management issues and inner chaos to outer look. You must choose book reading because once you prefer books, then books always prefer you.

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