Many theories around the world elaborates what are secrets to a healthy life. Some supports exercise while resting on a better lifestyle and the majority support the limited diet. While Mattison and colleagues have mentioned a term “calorie restriction“. The term means eating less is the actual secret of a healthy life. If you eat less you may have a chance to live longer. Healthy life considers physical and mental activeness. A healthy mind is vital in same manner as a healthy body. A change in diet is healthy for life.

How calories restriction is healthy for life.

What is on your plate determines how many years out are going to live. A portion of food reduces carefully and observe its effect on life. A survey shows a 30% reduction of food per day longer the lives of mice, flies worms, rats’ monkeys. What you eat influences your life.

This theory is proven by ancient Greek scientist where he noted fatty Greek die sooner than the slim Greek. This theory is written in Papyrus. The physician wrote many natural and supernatural elements are associated with death (gluttony). This idea shifted across the centuries. In 15 century a person called Alvise Carnaro from Italy proved this theory.

The Carnaro was 40 years old and ate 350g of food per day roughly 1000 calories according to a recent estimate. He ate bread, panatela or broth and eggs. He chooses beef and goat veal and fish in the meet. 

Carnaro restricted amount but not verity and he claimed to get the best health till his death 84 year old. The best age considered at that time was 60 years. His grandson published in 1591 his work with title “Discourses on the sober life“. Carnaro proved himself man of worth but none of his findings were taken into consideration by branches of science.

He considered as a case study not the representation of the whole. It is quite true what in 1930 proved about 30% reduction in food which was applicable for rats must not be applicable for humans

Mattison says

“I don’t see a human study of longevity as something that would be a fundable research program. Extraneous factors smoking, medical treatments exercise mental wellbeing doesn’t influence trials and it is impossible for socially complex species”.

Further research by NIA and the University of Wisconsin on calories restriction

Both institutes researched rhesus monkeys as they are primates hence our aging must have similarities. They were an excellent model of study aging.

All monkeys receive standard protein and minerals at the University of Wisconsin. They did not show hunger which is a specified characteristic of this specie. As the time pass, neither monkey show elderly sign.

Even in the 30s, they didn’t look old nor physically or functionally. These experimental results were similar to those performed in NIA. 

How diseases risk halved with calories restriction:

Diseases characterized by age are cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer They get to half if you eat less. Blood sugar regulation seems fine by calorie restriction. 

Anderson from the University of Wisconsin says; we have aging can be slow down in primates. It’s huge important how eating less is healthy for life. Aging is a focused point for medical sciences.

If aging can delay that means the risk of diseases can be delayed. We cannot cure people disease one by one to get longer life span instead we can control the disease trigger such as aging. 

Eating less is helpful for the monkey but much tough for people in the real world. Accesses to high calories meal such as junk food are easy now.

The ever coming inventions of luxury have decreased physical activities which are damaging human health. Size and weight have a genetic factor. Some people can have a whole pizza and still look slim but some people can eat mushroom on pizza and get double in weight. Genetic predisposition to gaining weight is the actual factor we need to think before the diet. Everyone has classified in genetics and diet and lifestyle.

What we eat and how it is going to affect us depending on who we are. We should take a diet carefully. A limited calories restricted diet is healthy for life. Health comes with care. If you do not want to visit the hospital then you must follow restrict diet without luxury just for necessity.

Susan Roberts in Tuft University Boston says

“I have a genetic history of obesity running in my family and I prefer calorie restriction”.


 Deadly diseases are pop out as you become obese. This fact has proved by many trials. A person with massive weight has more chances of cardiovascular disease than the younger ones. A healthy body has BMI lies between 18.5 to 25. In the meantime, scientists are hoping how rhesus monkey will help us in understanding the calorie restriction concept.

There is a theory that tells fewer calories to lead to efficient metabolism which delays aging.

A healthy life comes with a careful lifestyle. Quantity, as well as quality, requires maintaining life. Excessive food will make you fat and hence the risk of aged disease will increase. Massive gain weight affects blood circulation and causes blood clotting that leads to heart failure. If quality is not well and quantity is massive then it will affect the stomach and kidney.

Less but Simple clean pure diets will help you lead a healthy life. A sound body is one who enjoys all dimensions of life. It is active in physical activities as well as sharp in analytics and critical approaches.

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