Cambridge University is globally the top leading University in the UK education department. Here thousands of native and international students come and learn what they want. Cambridge University has a good reputation worldly and wisely choose their students.  Cambridge University is known for its progressive work almost all the areas of research work. It provides qualitatively and quantitatively researches, which defines its meaningful definition for success.

800year old university has decided to close the gate for the academic year 2020-2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has become the first university of Britain to cancel face to face lectures. Britain has reported 250,908 confirmed cases and 36,042 death cases. Massive damage has recorded since the first case was reported in the UK. 

Presently, in a COVID-19 pandemic, The Cambridge University faces many challenges, e.g., they had a burden to come out first in making COVID-19 or coronavirus vaccine, prepare medical kits, new researches on the COVID-19 or coronavirus, regularly guidance regarding information like how it transmitted, time of spreading, and its clinical preventions. 

Moreovercthere are be no face to face lectures for students almost in the mid next academic year 2021. They are now arranging the online classes to made addresses available. 

As they mentioned on their website in section advice for institutions. They are thinking from the 16th of March to 30th of June is the peak time for the breakout of coronavirus. So they are regularly aware public from the lastest measures on COVID-19 pandemic.

How COVID-Pandemic is affecting the World:

We are all facing the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic which leaves its fingerprints on all, e.g., Economy, Hospitality, Transport, Education, Trades.

Uk also effected by COVID-19 or coronavirus, which confirmed by Pharmaceutical Technology Research. UK coronavirus cases increased significantly in the third and fourth weeks of March.Hence making it one of the top 10 countries for coronavirus.

Coronavirus cases in the UK increased 5,781 on 23rd of March and cut to 34,000 on the 2nd of April. The death rates climbing to 2,900. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson diagnosed with a coronavirus on the 27th of March.

COVID-19 Pandemic Effect On Department Of Education:

After COVID-19 or coronavirus, where things like business, air flights, trades, tourism, etc. are affecting, the Department of Education is also affected in all over the world. 

In some countries Department of Education entirely closed where in some countries, the Department of Education did not close; they are providing online classes to their students, also giving guidance and all the precautionary measures regarding this COVID-19 or coronavirus breakout. 

Private Institutes, are also in a surge because parents are not paying their dues. Some of the parents lost their jobs, but some of them are not paying their rights due to lockdown; also, privates institutes are not able to provide salaries to their worker or teachers in this scenario which promote the joblessness.

We do not all have to crave a higher job because we think we should, but equally we should not put our resources are too low, because that is what some people expect.

Margaret Robinson

Cambridge University Closure:

However, the lectures are available to students online, and “you may have to hold small groups of personal online classes” if they meet the deviation requirements in the community due to COVID-19 or coronavirus, the University said.

University of Cambridge campuse closed at this time by the outbreak of Covid-19 or coronavirus. A statement from it reads: “The university remains flexible in changing advice as it emerges during the epidemic.”

All teaching at the university moved online in March, and exams conducted almost entirely. Students should warn when lessons taught online and face full tuition costs. They may be “overlook” regarding a refund request. It follows a similar move by the University of Manchester, saying its lectures will be online-only for the next term.

Earlier this week, a university administrator said students applying for university positions in England should tell “very clearly” how courses will be offering – before choosing the autumn. Universities could charge a full fee even if courses offered online. Nevertheless, Nicola Dandridge of the Office of Students has warned of misleading promises about a “campus experience” if lessons are to teach online.


It concludes that due to COVID-19 or coronavirus, we should have to avoid touching the things and create social distancing. This is the only defensive measure we have against coronavirus.

Being a responsible citizen it is our duty to maintain social distancing. At this moment medical staff is putting their lives at risk and serving COVID-19 patients.

From the 16th of March to the 30th of June, it is the peak time for the outbreak of COVID-19 or coronavirus. Until then there will be no face to face lectures for the students. They only can get the online addresses for all the Departments. All the safety measures are for us to lowering the graph of global deaths. It does not confirm yet either this viral will eradicate. Or we have to settle term with i.e development of vaccination. But one thing is very sure, The world is facing psychological fear. The cases of psychological stress and anxiety have increased in the past month, says WHO. We can do nothing except holding the ray of hope.

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