Can we erase our memories? Can we erase traumas and painful experiences? How can we make life easy by forgetting harsh moments?Human psychology is tricky, as well as worth reading. Insight elaborates us that the human brain is involved in thinking/perception, imagination, consciousness, and judgments. The human brain performs all vital functions. Life is full of high and low. Well, we all experience bad happenings. Indeed, we suffer and try best to forget. Let’s say the human brain has two types of memories good one and a bad one. We do not want to forget a good one and remember a bad one. How tricky is this spot that human only captures good stuff?

Can we erase our memories

Although bad experiences that give us bad memories are the best teacher. No experience is bad; it is always a lesson. Well, it depends upon perception, which varies from person to person.  Can we erase our memories? It is the eye-catching question for whom that is encountering past over and over, especially in lock-down. This lock-down has given us a chance to think about what we have to do without lives. Some people are developing gratitude and some are generating hate.

What human psychology says about erasing our memories?

If we elaborate human brain, memories are collected by the frontal lobe. They are stored here and utilize for later actions. Good and bad memories are both collected in the frontal lobe. Some memories are short terms, while some of them are permanent. As we get older, our memories are not as strong and sharp as in childhood. Well, the weakening of memory is the aging process. Some people are lucky enough to secure and stabilize their memories.

Can we erase our memories

Our diet also affects the credibility of the human brain. A proper diet is necessary for good memory. Anyhow, all memories related bad experiences store in the frontal lobe. Undoubtedly, pain and suffering are heavy emotions therefore they always sectioned in a permanent one. Human psychology does not believe in erasing of memories, but it believes in fading of memories

What strategies human psychology suggests fading our memories?

Human psychology says purposefully tricks can help us in fading particular traumas or bad memories. Intentional and consciously try help out in erasing bad experiences and bad memories. The human brain is stable enough not to forget permanent memory but also has the flexibility to fade them. There are five tips to erase bad memory from the human brain.

Human psychology

1-What and which bad memories you want to fade?

Human psychology explains when a person suffers suffer an emotional breakdown, it takes more time to relieve the soul. A body injury can heal with medication, but emotional wounds need more in-depth consideration. We must not avoid the circumstances that drag us in pain and anxiety. The best part to heal scar is to face it. Self-negotiation is important. Ask yourself which traumas hurt your mind and soul. Why they are bad. Why you avoid them. A little focus and consideration will get ride from bad memories. Sit and ask, additionally write them. What and why focused memories are bad.

 2-Which part of the bad memory do you want to fade?

This is a diverse category to discuss. A person or stuff thoroughly isn’t bad, but somehow our interaction becomes objectionable. You must control emotion and try to remember all over again. If it is about the person, you should secure good memories and fade bad ones. Always remember good characteristics. The storage of goodwill fades the storage of bad. Human psychology says thoughts are the primary content of human drives. A person’s inner and outer is composed by the perception he receives and the energy he absorbs. If you want to change life firstly, you change your thoughts.


3-You should release and erase all elements link to bad memories.

You should vanish all bonds that unintentional links to bad memories. Human psychology says the presence of wicked would never let the good in. Always maintain a distance from details that connect you with respective trauma. The best to do on the list is a select bond and flush them out. Take a deep breath and move on. If it is about an abusive relationship then as soon as possible flush out all gifts and belongings of focused person.

4-Always take care of you mentally and physically

A sound mind and body are necessary to live a healthy and happy life. You should take proper diet and exercise to become more evident in dimensions. Exercise develops essential senses and makes physically and spiritually healthy. A lean dull soul is always targeted by evil and tortured till death. Take a deep breath and eat a proper diet. They will make you feel alive and strong.

Human psychology

5-Move on is the best delight you offer to yourself

You should thoroughly agree on the point that you want to move on. A scattered soul and body would never let you keep going. Determination and commitment to self-love will help you in this zone. You will find best when you fade worst. Always keep moving ahead. The best way to kill the worst is to create the best. Indeed, they best way to kill bad memories is to create best memories.


No, is a comprehensive answer of question can we erase memories? But human psychology suggests better ways how we can fade bad memories. The best advice is to keep moving on with hope and light. It is life. It is a journey. Life and time don’t stop for anyone. Therefore it is better to live a worth having life. Life is short, and we should understand its importance. Live a life that would motivate others. 

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