CDC (center of disease control and prevention) has been reporting variation in coronavirus symptoms since the viral outbreak took the world in the lap. From mild flu to COVID toes and then heart failures, now CDC adds new coronavirus symptoms of brain damage. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been infecting the world since November 2019. It started in city Wuhan, China but with the blink of an eye, this tiny virus caused havoc to the statue of powers and beauty.  The initial coronavirus symptoms were the same as of influenza virus but with the passage of time coronavirus symptoms has changed. CDC adds new symptoms in a bucket which seems more alarming. 

Coronavirus vaccine update is circling the globe. A massive death rate has reported in America after Italy.

The UK is also facing viral crises as massive cases are reporting. A second wave is expected to hit in China as new cases are reported in Beijing. 

Everybody is hoping for vaccine approval so we can stop this deadly virus by reaching our homes.

Coronavirus vaccine updates

American infectious expert Dr. Anthony Fucci says,

“I am optimist there would be COVID-19 vaccine at the end of 2020 or early 20201”

In coronavirus vaccine experiments, scientists are using new and old techniques. The early trials consisted of an inactive and killed virus. But new trials are using synthetic strands of genetic code called RNA which mimic the virus.  

The human trial has started in the UK. This trial is proceeding by Imperial College London by Dr.Rabin Shottack and his colleagues.

The test in the animal has succeeded. And they are hopeful for better results and reliable immunity response in humans.

All developed countries, China, UK, USA and EU are striving for the development of coronavirus vaccine. As this virus is showing diverse symptoms and hence modifications are also reported which are creating hindrances in development.

But USA and UK optimistic trials are infusing hope among people. COVID-19 is not as deadly as the Spanish flu which shook the world in 1918. But still, states are unlikely to control it.

Coronavirus Map

As coronavirus is hitting around the globe.

The total cases worldwide are 9,910,005, deaths are 496, 991, recovered are 5,360,798.

The only defensive measure we knew was self-isolation and for these purposes, countries have observed lockdown.

But lockdown is the disturbing economy of states and financial crises worldwide are knocking at the door.

Fears of unemployment, hunger, lack of medical facilities are major social crises. Schools are also closed and hence educational institute closure have significantly rise mental stress and anxiety in children.

CountriesConfirmed casesDeath reportedRecovered

It seems like we are unsuccessful yet in reducing cases worldwide and we have to come on terms with a virus instead of complete removal.

CDC adds new coronavirus symptoms

The common COVID-19 symptoms are;

Severe symptoms are

  • Lungs Damage
  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss of speech

But new investigation reported COVID toes ( rashes on toes, and finger). A dermatologist from the UK has reported many coronavirus cases with rashes on feet. But new studies say severe COVID-19 can damage Brain.

Neurological damage by coronavirus

London a new study of coronavirus patient found that COVID-19 can cause stroke, dementia, and Inflammation.

A range of neurological complications is bubbling in coronavirus patients. Researchers are insisting on the detailed mechanism of nervous system damage by COVID-19.

 It is worth having to read about the clinical complication in hospital admitted coronavirus patients. It is highly important to carry further studies before this deadly virus damages our brain and leaves us to impair for rest of life.

Sarah Pett a University College London Professor says;

“This is an important snapshot of the brain related complications of COVID-19 in hospitalized patients It is critically important we continue to collect this information to understand this virus fully”

A study in the Lancet Psychiatry journal looked in detail around 125 cases around the UK.

Benedict Michael from Liverpool University said;

“It was important to note that the study focused on severe cases”

Data were collected from 2 April to 26 April when massive coronavirus cases were reporting around the UK.

77 to 125 cases reported brain stroke which announced as a severe neurological complication by COVID-19.

The people who reported brain stroke were having age 60 or over 60.

Most of them have a blood clot in the brain called ischemic stroke

39 patients from 125 found a change in mental state or behavior. 9 people have uncategorized mental dysfunction and 7 of them show brain inflammation or encephalitis.

Benedict Michael said;

“We now need detailed studies to understand the possible biological mechanism, so we can explore potential treatments”

CDC’s new symptom of brain damage considers as the major lead in the coronavirus infection cycle.


Coronavirus symptoms are mild to severe and it depends on immunity, the stronger the immunity, the weaker the attack. Vitamin C foods help boost immunity and hence it is a defensive treatment against COVID-19. Activities of every day can carry out with precautions such as;

  • Use of mask outside home
  • Wear of hand gloves outside home
  • Use of disinfectant spray
  • Avoid of crowd places
  • Take a healthy meal
  • Don’t leave home unless it is a medical emergency

But some people are curious about;

  1. Can we expect the second stimulus?
  2. Can you catch coronavirus twice?
  3. How long coronavirus exist on clothes

Researches for these questions are being done by scientist. It seems like we have so much to learn yet about COVID-19.


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