App studio is catching spotlight in quarantine. Everyone is using a phone behind the door and finding new digital social activities. App developers are trying their best to provide digital entertainment to the customer. Celebrities and civilians are highly engaged at app studio for three excessively used apps (PUBG game, TikTok app, Ludo star), nowadays. Hence, a massive amount of other social apps and games have been introduced in the app studio for the interlinking world during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Role of app studio in quarantine.

App studio

During this COVID-19 epidemic, we cannot go outside because coronavirus is affecting our lives in one way or another. The biggest effect is that many people are now working from home or stay at home to stop the spread of the virus. If we see this it is good that our people listen to the government and stay at home but on the other side, people feel too much bore in quarantine. But thankfully many companies are offering free access to games and apps that are entertaining you during this strange time. By downloading some games and app we can spend our jolly quarantine time at home. Let’s have a look at some of our favorite games and apps that are free of cost., Undoubtedly the general public, as well as celebrities, are using them excessively nowadays during the quarantine.

 Some digital social application from app studio, people are operating in quarantine:

  • PUBG game(player unknown battlegrounds)
  • TikTok App
  • Ludo Star

1. PUBG game (player unknown battlegrounds) is a well-known android game in the app studio.

App studio

This PUBG game (player unknown battlegrounds) is the most famous game which is popular under or over the age of 18. PUBG game was developed by the famous LRISH game developer Brendan Greene. It shocks me to see how much this PUBG game has craze taken over our youth in quarantine. It started as a game on PC run through stream software. This kind of craziness is unbelievable. Nowadays PUBG game sets a new record with 1 million concurrent players. You can relax and pick from playing solo, duo, or a squad game. The squad has a team of four players. Players are parachuted onto an island and search some weapons that help us in fighting against enemies and fight with each other until only one player survives.  But our youth waste their time on it. You can play this game whenever you want to have a battle.

PUBG game disadvantages:

However playing the game for a student is forfeiture, which misses their classes, employees that fail to fill full their duties. Our youth play this game all the time and do not focus on their studies. Many religious scholars ban this game and deeming its HARAM.  Irfan Rasheed told Rudaw: we decided that working on the PUBG game is haram because it has caused a considerable number of people obsessed with it and waste their time.

2. TikTok APP is free entertainment social media platform in the app studio. 


What is the TikTok app? TikTok app is one of the fastest-growing social media in the world. It allows users to create short videos with songs, filters them, and has some other feature. Sometimes it is funny sometimes it is cringing .it was initially launched in September 2016 in CHINA. TikTok app gives a platform to the user to express them in a very creative way during the quarantine. Some people positively use this app while others use it negatively. It is worth noting that the TikTok app has been downloaded 25.5 million times in Pakistan.

Is TikTok app haram in Islam?

Some people positively use this app but in quarantine, its use is negative. This app is focusing on dancing which is not allowed in Islam. You see many girls dancing on the TikTok app and their videos have been view by many people and those people watching them are na-mahram. Hence we can say that the TikTok app is haram in Islam and there is no way a Muslim can defend this app.

3. Ludo star is Deepening its claw in App studio

App studio

During the quarantine, many peoples spend their time playing ludo stars. Ludo is the drive from Indian game pachisi. Remember those times when we played a game called “Ludo” on board by rolling the dice and moving our keys on the path. You can be a child or an adult still love this game. Now Ludo Star a game that can play by downloading on your smartphone.

Some people believe playing Ludo Star is haram:

Raja Zia ul Haq who is the CEO of the youth clubs claimed in a video with all the proofs that playing ludo is haram. This scholar explains how the game can be haram in Islam. If it involves the exchanging of money like gambling it is straightforward “Haram”.


So these are the most famous app now a day. By downloading this app we can spend our time in quarantine without getting bore. But some people negatively use them. Especially student waste their time on social media, as a result, they lose focus on creative activities and academics.  

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