COVID-19 has been trapping the world since November 2019 from city Wuhan, China. A deadly virus has signed as common cold flu but in severe cases leads to pneumonia and collapse of lungs. Immunodeficient people are vulnerable. Symptoms are conventional as influenza has, from running nose to body temperature and muscle pain. But recently the medical field is observing toes often. They are coming up with ‘COVID toes’. A new term this belongs to COVID-19 signs. A possible rash on feet can be the latest possible sign of coronavirus infection and hence it is term as ‘COVID toes’.

World Wide statistics

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Early signs of COVID-19

We are categorizing the symptoms of COVID-19 into three sections

Commonly occurred symptoms:

  • Tiredness
  • Fever
  • Dry cough

Less common symptoms:

  • Diarrhea
  • Sore throat
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Loss of taste and smell
  • Discoloration of fingers

Severe symptoms:

  • Loss of speech and movement
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain

‘COVID Toes’

Attention on toes has been grabbed by skin doctors. Irrespective of sources’ email, pictures, or direct contact they are directly looking on toes. It is predictable signs of COVID-19 can be pop up in unusual places.

Ester Freeman a dermatologist from Boston said

‘I was not anticipating that would be toes’

Various kinds of rashes are general symptoms of other viral infections. Ester freeman viewed toes more than any medical person. She viewed by telemedicine.

They are called ‘COVID toes’, itchy swelling sore red look as chilblains.

The symptoms are similar to people who have spent enough long time in the outside cold.

American Academy of dermatology stated

Don’t race to the hospital if the only worry is toes,

Earlier this month this issue has been discussed if people are having COVID toes are they need to treated tested or should keep them in isolation.

This is quite possible for people with ‘COVID toes’ who do not need special attention.

As the symptoms of the virus have been shifting since it is reported in Wuhan. From mild commonly recorded symptoms to unfamiliar symptoms doctors are wondering if now new symptom is COVID toes or not.

This deadly virus is continued to spread and we may come to the terms with a virus instead of eradicating it.

A survey is conducted by a dermatologist in Italy showed; 1 in 5 patients has some sort of skin infection. They surveyed 88 patients in Italy. The commonly found symptom in the skin was rashes on the trunk. A Spanish doctor also confirmed this rare symptom by providing evidence of 375 confirmed COVID-19 patients. All have skin problems from lesions like a skin problem to swallowing of toes. 

Pictures of skin rashes by COVID-19 or COVID toes are circulating on social media. Dermatologists give a new lead in coronavirus mystery to medical staff.

Freeman from Boston advised doctor around the globe all doctors if observe any kind of skin symptoms must report.

500 reports have recorded. And in calculated data mostly have chilblain like, a spot she said.

Chilblains are also called ‘pernio’ in medical science. These are inflammatory reaction like any common allergy. COVID-19 patients have to say “they are primary symptoms that we notice when we caught coronavirus but some patients observe rashes after commonly occurring symptoms a few weak later”. However, these COVID toes and popping of skin allergies in coronavirus cases are still a mystery.

These symptoms are showing up in young people also. This statement has confirmed by Dr. Amy Paller of the northern western university. He is a part of pediatric dermatology. He also confirmed the image of ‘COVID toe’

Some theories regarding ‘COVID toes’

  • It might be inflammation triggered by a virus rather than cold
  • It might possible virus is causing blood clotting that leads to rashes
  • The virus is the irritating lining of a blood vessel in the skin

Freeman from Boston has to say;

People do not need to panic, she has not seen ‘COVID toe’ become severely ill, and we cannot tell if they are contagious or not. Lupus another medical condition can also cause the same spot. The medical staff needs to check the patient history and then should decide if it should go for testing or simple care.


We cannot get a final decision regarding coronavirus infection. Since after its detection it has been a mystery. Medical science is trying hard to find the dead-end of this deadly virus. The world seems to get adjust to it. In some countries, the lockdown has eased.

People’s daily life activities are going to be normal as they were before lockdown. The quarantine era is about to end. This pandemic did not only affect its target but the rest of the audience as increasing depression and anxiety worldwide. Quarantine life has dragged people into bad mental health.  We can hope of better days as this virus did not leave us with many choices.

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