At the point when you set out to be an original you are fundamentally setting out to act naturally and everything that includes who you truly are. To a large number of us, that can be a startling and overwhelming recommendation.  Furthermore, why would that be? Because it refers to forcing ourselves to a destination. It implies exposing ourselves to examination, judgment, and conceivable scorn. It implies presentation and weakness.  But, being original is not that easy. It takes mental fortitude and self-assurance to set out to be an original – to uncover your uniqueness and to show that you’re stand-out.

In any case, similarly as with any alarming undertaking, the compensations of beating impediments and winning far exceed the results of not wandering forward.

 It is most difficult for mediocre whose only purpose of living is to work from dawn to dusk for two time’s bread.  Our living depends a lot on our surroundings. We have to adjust ourselves in the society we live otherwise we are pushed back and trolled.

Sad Fact about being original

This is very well explained in a short story, Over Coat, where a man looks very wealthy, dashing who has worn a beautiful, fashionable overcoat has a fancy hat placed erect on his head, well dressed and seems like a capitalist. But, unfortunately, when he dies due to an accident, he comes out to be a poor man wearing an old, dirty undershirt, different sock in each foot, and dust accumulated on the body. 

The question arises, what made a poor man adopt this clothing?

Of course, that’s the society, the elite class, who does not accept poor man. For a poor or a mediocre, being poor isn’t the problem, the problem is to have desires what a rich person has. That makes a man do such things.

It is a society that has set these standards of living which not everyone tends achieve that ultimately leads them to commit crimes or ultimately lead to killing yourself.

As the late Steve Jobs noted in his discourse at a Stanford University graduation initiation:

“Your time is limited; so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice and most important, dare to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

It’s a reality. Life is too short to even think about living it attempting to be something besides your actual, unique self. Be what your identity is, and be it the most ideal way your know-how. Praise your singularity and uniqueness. Set out to be unique!

Tips on how to be an original or your true self

Know what your identity is

Before you can act naturally, you should know what the identity is, and afterward be consistent with that self. Hundreds of years back Socrates astutely saw that self-information is the mainstay of all righteousness. Without it, nothing else is certified.

One of the most precious commodities we have is our identity, the way we see our self-worth. Identity is the positive and negative traits. It is the combination of things that you do, things that you care about. Identity matters a lot. If you possess a positive identity then you can self-actualizes your potential as a human being.

The question arises, how you get to know about your self-identity?

It might take a long time to get to know the things you desire the most. No doubt education is the leader of the list that gives you all the answers of “how”.

More importantly, identity is your desire you want to be, but there is a difference in it. You might love doing something or feel passionate about it but sometimes you think that you can do this, you can do that but you don’t know-how.

This way you start looking inside, what exactly your abilities are and you work on them. This is your real identity.

Identity is what is inside not outside. Society has predetermined codes that not just identify us but will use to determine who we are and what we are going to be.

People identify you by your name, gender, race, caste, nationality, religion, environment, and your surroundings. If you decide to not let molded and limited by society, you will be able to construct your identity by yourself but not by society.  

Trust your instinct and senses.

Some portion of knowing what your identity is confiding in your instinct and impulses.

We as a whole have an inward measure that guides us along our most satisfying way. Peer profound inside to discover the solutions to your life.

Nobody is better at realizing what you need and need from life than you. It is reasonable to tune in to the exhortation of family, companions, and experts, yet you are a definitive expert on you.

You are novel and unique and nobody however you can settle on your choices for you. To conflict with that instinct is to conflict with your major nature and wellspring of fulfillment.

Express yourself by developing your style, tastes, and character.

Numerous individuals attempt to resemble individuals who appear to be mainstream. As opposed to chipping away at creating themselves they attempt to duplicate others and lose themselves all the while.

Much time is squandered in such interests and the outcomes are bafflement and sentiments of disappointment. At the point when you deal with developing your style, tastes, and character, in addition to the fact that you are real and bona fide, you’re additionally fascinating and alluring to other people. Relinquish dread and grasp your uniqueness. Make your life a declaration of what your identity is.

As Steve Jobs stated, have the mental fortitude to follow your heart. On the off chance that you want to be a craftsman, don’t agree to be a book keeper because your folks need you to be, or because you can get more cash-flow at it. At long last, you will miss out because the cash won’t make any difference in case you’re despondent, unmotivated, or discouraged. 

Believe in yourself and don’t stress over what others think

At the point when you pick the correct way for yourself don’t permit the assessments of others to divert you. Individuals are acceptable at offering good-natured, spontaneous conclusions; anyway, just you recognize what’s best for you. 

Try not to let an absence of fearlessness or self-question keep you from seeking after what you know is best for you. Relinquish your weaknesses. If you endeavor to be somebody else, you will never be glad. Act naturally. Be glad for what your identity is. Individuals who have an increasingly positive perspective on themselves live better, more advantageous lives.

At the point when you set out to be unique, you set out to be fearless, solid, and energetic and are eager to understand the maximum capacity of your one of a kind abilities and gifts.

The Benefits of Being an Original:

Others like you

Original people do not try to make people like you. They just learn to stay in them. It is not like that they don’t care what people say to them, they just don’t respond to the slangs and treachery of the people and don’t let those feelings take over them. If you like you, others like you too. It is all about the importance you give to yourself.

You feel confident

There is a greater power in saying ‘yes’ but there is even greater power in saying ‘no’ when that feels right. Original people are always confident about their arguments.

They always stand against injustice or any wrongdoing and that’s what a genuine man does. No matter what the consequences are, he is always real.

They are open and honest. An authentic person is always present there to deliver every time you are in trouble. He never turns his back on you.

You accept and learn from haters

There is only one thing that haters do and that is hate, hate, and hate. And that is what always happens no matter what you do for them or try to please them, they always backstab you.

That’s why an original person never tries to please anyone but people are pleased by the actions he does. He always knows that haters are there but their existence doesn’t matter to him. In addition to it, he learns from the things that try to hurt him and prevent doing these things to others. 

You are less stressed

The unauthentic person is easily pleased by others and always tries to be like them. They try to do things that caused success to others.

People leave their path and chose another path that leads to their downfall. They get mentally ill and easily attacked by mental stress.

An original person is always real. He always focuses on his own goal. He isn’t fascinated by other’s success. This approach of his never let him detract from his goal.

You let go people

One of the most difficult things in this world is letting your beloved ones go. If you aren’t comfortable with anyone closed to you, you just let them go. Mental health is mandatory for you to keep moving in your life. These types of people always try to hurt you and make you feel uncomfortable. The only solution is to move apart from them and make your ways separate.

Being original doesn’t let you influence by fake people. There might be some haters around you but you always prefer to be accompanied by people like you. 

“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”

~Dr. Seuss

They derive greater personal satisfaction

Whatever they do, they spent everything they have on it. They always keep in mind that they have nothing to lose that makes them work hard. Whatever they do, they are fully satisfied with it.

Attractive to others

A real appraisal is not what is done on your face but behind your back. That is what people do to an original person. They always make an example of those who are true in them.

Wherever they go, they always discuss your positive aspects. They try to spend more time with you and ask their younger ones to do so.

They treat everyone with respect

A person should always treat others the way he wants to be treated. It doesn’t matter what is the social status, they always talk to others with respect. They treat everyone equally either it’s a peon or a rich fellow.

They are not materialistic

Having an expensive mobile phone, luxury car and house can be a cause of happiness. But desiring too many materialistic is not real happiness.

This doesn’t mean a genuine man does not desire materialist things. He does but he doesn’t think that having an excess of materialistic things causes happiness.

They understand that real happiness comes from inside and shared experiences from family, friends, and beloved ones.

They know the ethics of meeting others               

A genuine person always greets others by heart. This is not a case with him that he hugs a person with a smiling face and thinks bad about him. He never extends relations with fake people.

Whenever he meets them, he greets them well, has healthy conversations with them. Most important thing is that he does not prioritize anything over them. He puts aside his mobile phone while having a conversation with them which lacks in most of the people.


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