The human brain is a vital organ and covers the survival functionality of life.

Old myths die hard, and this particular one has had a long life.  Do we use just 10% of our brains?  Perhaps, it’s because it gives us hope. If 90% of our brain is free, we could do so much more with it. Like solve a complex problem, multitask on an epic scale, or just levitate cats. 

For the real answer, all you have to do is well think, for a second. The brain is one of the most costly body parts to maintain in life. It’s only 1% of our body weight but uses 50% of our glucose reserve and 20% of the oxygen we breathe. 

Spending 90% of all this on cells that have no use would be inefficient. Most of it is working away most of the time. Indeed, even daily life requires our brain to work extensively, as neuroscientist Sophie Scott tells t us. The way that it functions, your brain is working away at all sorts of things you don’t even necessarily realize that you are doing.

Like if a person is talking to you now, He is sitting upright in a chair. He is not falling to the ground and that’s requiring quite a lot of postural control, which is occurring in his brain. 

And he is also talking to you, listening to you, looking at you moving his hands. He is doing all sorts of different actions and perceiving all sorts of different things, which are all being controlled by his brain.

And on top of that’s he is thinking about what he wants to say, he is thinking about all sorts of other things that are going on immediately.  That’s still al being underpinned by your brain. So there are all sorts of conscious and unconscious stuff going on all the time in life.

Perhaps, we should think about brain capacity but and brain changes.  New skills don’t take up brain space that wasn’t used before. It’s all about neuroplasticity when we do or learn new things we train our brain to act differently in life. 

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We force it to create new connections within neurons and to lose those we don’t need in life.   But where does the 10% of our brain myth come from? 

Sophie Scott shines a light on its history… it comes from a self-help book from nearly 100 years ago.  And the idea there was that it was sort of saying you could be more….  You can do more with your life. And the particular, unfortunate example they gave was you’re only using 10 % of the brain… you can do so much more if you use more of your brain.

 It seems to be endemic and crops up in the popular culture.  So, our brain is already amazing multitasking superheroes. Maybe we should think about how we can mold, transform, and share it with others to achieve great things?

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