The link between food and physical health is obvious and well documented and we all already know what is good high nutritional food and what bad meals are. The link between food and mood is a wandering point. In the Food Programs, Sheila Dillon talks to the doctor chef and mental health expert discuss psychology facts between food and mood. Foods can wipe out depression and anxiety. Expert says there is a strong link between mental heat and food we take every day. A person is what he eats.

Comedian Katy Brand says;

Whenever I feel low, I always go for Italian cuisine, I go for food that seems to have concentrated sunshine and I love Tomato, olives peppers that are just concentrated with sunshine.

Professor Felice Jacka, president of the International Society of the Nutritional Psychiatry Research;

“There is now a decade of evidence for the association of dietary habits and anxiety”

Professor Jacka and her team surveyed of three months in which she observed, a healthy diet can wipe out stress and food has a strong association with mental wellbeing. 

“What we saw was a very clear link between the extent to which they improved their diet and the extent to which their depression improved,” Professor Jack said.

The research looks at diet including dietary patterns and overall diet quality.  The Mediterranean Diet seems to be king of the diet.

If improving diet can improve mood; is the opposite as well? A western type diet of high saturated fats and added sugar leave a bad impact on cognitive ability.

This can particularly damage to young brains. Poor mental health during their careers leaves a bad impact on the future. A good diet is necessary to cope with life challenges.

Nutrition also suggests the same proposal of mental connection with food. What we eat affects us psychologically and physiologically. We all are complex organisms.

However past days were stress one because of global pandemic coronavirus. It realizes how important it is to take a healthy diet. People with a weak immune system are prone to not only pandemic but other bacterial and viral infections as well.

Healthy and quality meals are plant-base foods. Junk and high carbonated meal affect our ability of critical thinking and reasoning. The fresh and light diet would help us to absorb nutrients up to maximum.

Medical Sciences proved our meal affects our mental health. A healthy diet makes us mentally strong and junk food lowers cognitive ability.

In the past few months, people started planned meals to be safe from catching coronavirus. Immunity booster diet paved a hope road for one who was facing deadly infection as well as for one who tries to avoid it. 

A short span realizes planned meal can do a lot in life. Junk food to fruits has realized health is precious and food is the base of making us healthy.

Psychology facts help us to plan future moves if you are taking junk food unintentionally then take healthy meals consciously. Be strong and healthy because life has enough time to test you.


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