What is IQ- Intelligent Quotient?

It is a total score from a standardized IQ test to assess human intelligence. A standard test consists of an IQ scale of from 1 to 150. Usually, the average human IQ attains 85 to 100 IQ scores. 75 consider as lowest and 130 as an extraordinary score. The IQ test is the assessment of the human brain in different tasks.  

 What does the Intelligent Quotient test mean?

Is it even possible to define a person’s intelligence with an IQ test and who is setting the test and why make a difference to your score? This short guide of IQ will reveal all facts made by two highly intelligent experts.

IQ or Intelligent Quotient started with Alfred Binet who was Frenchmen and he asked by the government to develop a test that can determine whether people remedial help with their education.

 The latter becomes a double intelligent quotient. But he warned against that name because he said they weren’t a test of intelligence.

 They were tests of a certain kind of ability.

So Binet was the originator of Intelligence testing, and that leads to the concept of IQ that we have today. The idea that someone could have a general intellectual level that could be measured between 1 and a hundred.

What happened next that it crossed Atlantic and adapted by American psychologist and they decided IQ was innate you are born with it and you can do nothing to change it.

 And different populations group and different ethnic group had different innate IQ.

History of American Immigrants over IQ tests.

By 1915 new immigrants trying to come into the USA were given Intelligent Quotient tests Ashkenazi Jews tended to score low in IQ tests and were discouraged from entering into the state meanwhile people from Nordic countries got high scores in Intelligent Quotient tests and encourage to enter in the USA. They were encouraged over the capacity of intelligence.

The view of early Intelligent Quotient tests in the USA has been subsequently decisively disapprove.

With Ashkenazi Jews at the time of the first world war, they had lower than Intelligent Quotient by the time of second world war higher than average.

And the reason for that they had better education and nutrition and that on average the parents had become better educated as well So those factors shifted average IQs.

 The reason different groups score differently on IQs relates to the fact that IQ tests measure abstract intelligence.

How IQ relates to Intelligence?

 In other words, your ability to deal with abstract logic and that is determine very significantly by what happens in your early years of life.

So if you come from a community where there is a lot of arguments, where you are encourage to read and you are encourage to discuss on average it seems like that this kind of community has higher IQ.

 The IQ test has often throughout history used to further political aims. Where those are sexiest, racist whether agenda politicians may want to put it forward, the Intelligent Quotient test has used to support that.

And the idea they are scientific because they are based on quantitative measures. They have exploited by many governments.

Intelligent Quotient test in early 20th century sometimes women did fare worse

That wasn’t the real case Intelligence quotient test based on completing activities such as looking at reaction times and if someone had not engaged in activities before, if they were, for example, a girl that had not allowed to access this kind of activities they wouldn’t perform in the same way as someone who had done before.

 One of the dangers of Intelligent Quotient tests is that people see them as of intelligence whereas rally what they are measuring as abstract logic and there are other forms of intelligence. Like emotional intelligence and practical intelligence. Like long term memory and wisdom that they don’t measure.

Some people oppose to Intelligent Quotient test some are not. The ones who are supporting Intelligent Quotient tests understand they are useful in measuring abilities in a thing like math’s science computer science because they are measuring the same kind of thing that IQ test measures. 

People think the biggest misconception about IQ Is that it’s the same thing as intelligence but it’s not.

How IQ directly relates to environmental conditions?

We have seen that IQ can change so if you practice IQ test your Intelligent Quotient will go up. So, environmental conditions and education can change IQ. It is not fix.

 We can hope that intelligence would never be use as a concept to make a political decision over whether or not someone has access to education, access to healthcare, access to freedom of movement, access to any of these universal human rights.

Intelligence is a multi-face and multi-fact thing can’t be measure in terms of single number which is what IQ test gives you. And when they have looked at the genetics of there are thousands of genes that are implicate so it is much more complex thing than what is measure by a single Intelligent Quotient test.


Human Intelligence relies on genes while Intelligent Quotient relies on the environmental condition. IQ is alterable. People can enhance it by performing a puzzling task. Human intelligence is fix and doesn’t change with time or condition. Genetics is broad and hence complex field. The surfaces of both terms are different but internally they connect with a thin line.  



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