Successful in life

People strive hard to be successful in life. Success is a journey, not a destination. Deserve before desire is self -explained phrase. A person who wants to be successful in life should continuously seek the paths who lead it. Ways to be successful in life are clear and obvious. A little consideration with life facts will improve the visibility of the desired question. For a successful life, a person should know

  • What is he doing?
  • Why he is doing?
  • How he is doing?
  • What should be doing?

Before start your journey for success in life, always remember;

Success doesn’t come to you. You go to it.


Embrace Failure is a way to be successful in life;

The people who make mistakes are better than those who make none. We all are afraid and nervous about being at mistakes. There are two types of people.

  • The one who makes mistakes and learn a lesson
  • Those who do not make a mistake but still learn from another mistake

No Matter in which category you stand hence you must learn. It is one of sound ways to be successful in life. In the journey of life, we must make a mistake. Nobody is perfect but it is practices that make them so. All alerts to be learned by our practicing them ourselves. A child will never learn to walk if he is not allowed to walk. We should not have a superstitious fear of making mistakes. The people who have superstitious fear will never learn anything. A simple example is when a student tries to speak a foreign language, their progress is often retarded by the fear he has in mind. He assumes if he starts speaking a foreign language and a mistake commits people will laugh at him.

This fear can overcome by giving antidote of childhood. A child makes many mistakes while speaking own another tongue. A student is a foreign language that is the same as a child with a mother tongue. They share the same circumstances and both are beginners. Thus, our mistakes are our teacher. They show us our defects, correct our false, estimates of our powers, and enable us to know what great potentialities lie hidden in us. They put us upon our mettle and call out our patience and perseverance. Mistakes leave a mark of permanent correction. Overcome the fair of failure is a key to success in life and a practice of correction in a future life is our accomplishment.


Self-criticism is a way to be successful in life;

A wise man always subjects him to self-examination. Every man in this world has strength as well as weakness. Therefore, everyone should practice self-criticism in a mood of humility and find out his limitations as well as capabilities. Humility is a condition of wisdom. The success of a man is in his own hands. Ways to be successful are clear and obvious. Gradual improvements and continuous self- criticism are the best cages for chaining our flaws.

A person achieves success in life he wishes. God endowed all characteristics to man, a sense of judgment, the instinct of differentiation, sharp vision, and creative perception. These characteristics are essential in greatness and keys to success in life. It is now up to man to utilize these characteristics. A determined person paves a clear way in hundreds of challenges. A person does not sure about anything in the world but undoubtedly he knows himself best.

Successful in life

A curious desire to watch inner marks him best. It is only weak and feeble hearted doing nothing and only dreaming wealth and renown. A sound judgment for own personality is a spark of prosperity. In a world full of competition, your flaws and weakness is first competition. Every phase of life demands improvements. Therefore, be a modified version. Polish your pre-existing skill and adopt new. Indeed, practice makes perfect. And practice for perfection with self- criticism is absolutely a solid ground for success in life.

I paint self- portrait because I am the one I know best. 

Farida Kahlo

Work Management is a way to be successful in life;

Successful in life

Work management comes by focused vision, consistent performance, and smart work. These all dimensions are keys to success in life

Hard work is outdated. Indeed; it is a century of smart work. Target your competitors; know the moves you are going to make. Observe the trend world is going to adopt and sense the audience and modify your products. Your work is best when your work skills are the best. You know the market and audience and competition. Therefore, you should always plan your strategies in the way you are going to lap all the zones.

  • Your sphere
  • Audience’s heart
  • Competitors

Good work management practices are sound key to be success in life.

For example, Dunkin daunts like to position itself as the anti-Starbucks. Its ads mock Starbucks for using – “Fritalian” terms instead of small medium and large. Another Dunkin campaign is centered on a taste test in which it beats star bucks. There is even a website called where visitors send e-cards with statements like Friends dot let friends drink Starbucks. All these examples show the power and direction you can gain by having a target in your sight. But modesty should be practice while competing. Never focus on competitors too much otherwise, you start diluting your vision. Your chances of coming up with something new become go way. You become reactionary instead of a visionary. Work management practices must be carefully designed not all at once but with step after step. 


Life is not steady for anyone but a ride of roll coaster. It is fair enough in offering opportunities but making the best of them is in your hands. Therefore, if you want to be successful in life firstly build the attitude and start working on target. Success never comes in one night. Struggle and improvements of years are require. You should never dishearten by failures, no matter how many flaws you have always appreciated your efforts. Try to schedule work. Improve its quality. Criticize and analyze your performance, take care of audience and again make improvements. These are essential keys to success in life. Don’t stop unless you reach where you belong.

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