Coronavirus has locked us all at home. Quarantine days are productive as well as destructive. This year Father’s day is celebrating in lockdown. But we can celebrate them with equal importance and special emotions. Father’s day honors parental bond and effort to make a house into a home. The importance of Father’s day in honoring father effort in children’s life is quite imminent.

No matter how much the world gets bad never leave showing your emotions. A father is a strong pillar to maintain a household. He is a major supportive backbone and moral statue for children. A father is a symbol of care protection love and affection.

Fathers are a bit shy to express his emotion but his concerns are very eminent in his action. Father’s day gives us a chance to express our feeling for a special bond.

 No doubt we cannot go to a restaurant for a grand celebration but indeed we can celebrate it inside the home with home-cooked food and online gifts. Here are 7 amazing ideas of gifts you can present to your father. 

7 Gifts that you can present to your father

1-Shaving Kits:

Father's Day

As we can’t go to a favorite barber for shaving so we need to arrange stuff at home. A shaving kit is a better option if you want to present it as a gift. It will create easiness for daily routine work out. What is better than comfort? A fully equipped shaving kit is a useful option in lockdown. No need to go shopping mall or general store you can order online but after receiving you must sanitize it. Safety comes first even in online gifts. The shaving kit is a reliable and reasonable option.

2-Any bestselling book according to your father’s taste:

Father's Day

A book is the best gift in giving and receiving for a book reader. If your father read books profoundly then you can present any bestselling book according to your father’s taste. Some online book store is offering a discount over the purchase. You do not need to go book store you can purchase them online. A bestselling book will be a time tasting friend and will prove as an adventurer. A book reader finds its true happiness in books.

3-A small bucket of Dry fruits:

Father's Day

Dry fruits are essential in maintaining good health. They sharp brain and improve immunity. They are full of proteins and vitamins, good for bones, and strengthening muscles. Indeed, they are good for daily snacks. A small bucket of dry fruits is a healthy option on Father’s day. You can express honor as well as you can offer health in one gift. Old age needs more care and a good diet. And Small bucket of dry fruit will leave a good and healthy impact on the body.

4-Smoothie maker:

Father's Day

Old age demands precautions and care. No synthetic beverage on earth can beat a smoothie maker. A glass of fresh juice increases chances of longer life. A good life span comes with good health.  If you care about the health of a beloved father make sure he is taking proper diet. In quarantine, you can gift a smoothie maker and can offer your services in making a smoothie. This action will show honor as well as care.

5-Foot Massager:


We all want to pamper irrespective of age. The foot massager is the best gift on Father’s day if you want to care for your father like a kid. An automatic foot massager can relax your father as well as make him comfortable.  Diverse ranges of foot massager are available in the market. They are reliable as we will as reasonable. If you want to pamper your father you must order one of any well-rated brands.

6-A medical test voucher

Blood Samples

A medical test voucher is a good option. A routine checkup is a must and considers essential in a healthy lifestyle. Sponsor your father a medical test voucher to make sure he is doing fine. A proper medical test will guarantee where and how you need to care. Multivitamin tablets and protein powder can also be a gift. Old age is about care and precautions because the body is too weak to care for herself. Therefore treat the fragile body with care.

7-Life Album


This is time taking task but worth having a task. Compile a photo album that presents all the good memories of his life. His childhood, adulthood, and old age will be compiled in it. A photo album of life will be a living collection of memories. Your father can recall all memories by viewing old photographs. In every home, photographs are scattered but for the best use of photos you must sequence them. This will be a valuable gift, living memory for most beloved people.


Life is short enough to hide emotions. You must express the bond that you share with beloved ones. Your care affection and concern must express by action. Mother’s day, father’s day sibling days, friendship day all are honoring bond. Children get confused about what should they present on Father’s day but now these 7 gifts are a good compilation of care, concern and each gift has a reasonable price. Let’s celebrate father day and make it best full of memories in quarantine.


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