5 ways to become Memory Champion

Most of us wished we had a long memory. You went to the market to shop for three things but you remember two. After getting upstairs you forgot why you came for. Or we forgot what we just read. These are very usual circumstances and might have happened with many people. There are plenty of things associated with a short memory. Science has revealed many effective techniques for memory boosting but we are looking at how to recall what we have forgotten. As we get older, our memory weakens. This is a natural phenomenon. Here are 5 techniques that might help in making long-term memory and a quick mind.

Walk Backward Might Make You Memory Champion

Space and time are different things. But crossover in these two is more than what we realize. We forgot the events; hence we passed time and moved on. We put events behind us.  We look forward to the future. It varies in culture. West believes looking at the future helps us to look in space while looking at the past stretches us back.

East has conventional views about taking the past and future together. The University of Roehampton insists us to have look at the relation of time and space. It compels us to have insight into past events. They took the test a group of people and showed images and a video walking backward and forward. People remember colors and things of backward walkers. Accessing memories in the backward direction is accessible and easy.

It is a little tough but not entirely impossible.  The new sciences show that when humans recall a past event he reconstructed it in reverse order. When we see an object we remember its color, pattern and action and when we recall it after some time we recognize objects first and then the rest of the details e.g., color and pattern.

Do Some Drawing

It is an interesting and creative idea to draw your shopping list instead of writing them down. 2018 surveyed a group of young and old people. Both groups were given new words to learn. Older people asked to draw and the younger one to write. After remembering words older people drew and remembered each of them as younger people did. Drawing makes a difference in dementia as well.

Drawing is a more detailed and deep process than memorizing. When we draw something we look into details and that view makes a huge difference. Writing a list even contributes to memory little. When you write down something you tend to remember it for a longer time than a person who verbally learned it.

 Try it at home. Write or draw your shopping list. Leave it at home and go to the store. Let’s see how many things you remember. Making self-notes for book chapters helps better in preparing for education or competitive exams. Writing would help in building long term memory and you can avoid all unfortunate incidents caused by memory loss or short term memory.

Exercise Helps In Developing Long Term Memory.

Science reveals the importance of aerobic exercise. It can develop long term memory. Running improves in making healthy your crucial memory.

Regular exercises have small general effects. One-off bout of exertion is helpful in short term memory. For exercise, timings do matter. People who perform 35-minute interval training were more successful in remembering lesson than people who did exercise without intervals.

The scientist seems to reveal in the future what exercises are more beneficial with a time interval.

Do Nothing Is A Way Of Boosting Memory

Work memory is crucial in professional life. Your everyday laborious schedule, hard task, unending client demands may drag memory cells in stress and as result, you start losing memory.

You can save this situation by completely doing nothing. It is a saying “a lazy mind is a creative mind”. You are better in all senses when you are not preoccupied. These techniques are carried by Herriot Watt University.

 A short break after learning something makes compacted brain. The survey of the university put people in dark room after making them memories new words and they did well afterward when they asked to recall.

 Our new memories are fragile. A short break can transform them into a coherent one. Therefore if you want to make your memory strong you should take a little break during work.

Take A Nap

If exercise, drawing, or taking a break can make you memory champions then what about a quick nap. Researchers in Germany have found out that people memorized a list of idioms and took a nap of 90 minutes and later watched a movie, they were successful in recalling all the idioms before nap.

This is surprising but a fact, nap can make your memory strong and reliable. This technique is best for people who take a regular nap in the afternoon.

The University of California also acclaimed the success of nap in building long term memory. But there are people for whom nap does not leave a good impact.

 These people should try drawing or exercise as an alternative for building long term memory. Forgetfulness might you caught in the chaos. You stop being creative. It leaves bad energies in personal and professional life. Forgetting special dates of life partner and requirements from office client may make you suffer at both hands.  Therefore you must intentionally treat your short memory. 


Many of us have gone through short-term memory and it causes damage in personal and professional life. The scientist has revealed some interesting researches that include drawing, taking a break, a nap, and free time. They reconstruct memories in reverse order.

New memories are fragile and to make them compacted you must apply some smart techniques. Older people show immense improvements in learning and memorizing by these 5 smart techniques.

They perform as well as young did. If you have a short term memory problem or you are living with a person who forgets tiny details then you must apply these 5 techniques to build strong and compacted memory.


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