COVID profoundly changed the way we live. Either it was a bad or good year for you but you shift the mode from formal to casual. After we wake up the first thing that we do is to hear in the news about COVID-19. Coronavirus pandemic showed devastating results psychologically and damage the nation economically but, with every adversity, there is a chance. COVID vaccine trial has begun around the world. It is fair enough success. However, we are living in a new normal. The old lifestyle and work would never feel the same anymore. We have adopted a new era of shift and modification in our life. Either it is the world or it is a home we live on new terms.

Here are four ways that how Covid-19 have changed life

This year we didn’t go to the world but we bought the world in our home. Best selling products are not in demand anymore. Online business and e-commerce websites are in trend. Office exhaustion has changed into zoom exhaustion. Life has shifted to bring the virtual world instead of the real one. A person gets together has changed into messenger or WhatsApp video calls. Cinema has shifted into Netflix and amazon is ruling the virtual world with customers care services. Amazon is the one who boiled golden eggs when the world is in hot water.

Our homes are our castle

We have only one choice to sit and look on the walls during coronavirus. We have to devise new activities inside home. People are no longer allowed to go to social clubs, gyms, restaurants, and playgrounds due to the first and second waves of COVID-19. Smart and temporary locked down has been observed all around the world.

Our home is the biggest protection for us now. A massive number suffered from major depressive disorder, insomnia and anxiety. They didn’t like what they saw. People sold their houses and shifted somewhere else. As the year progressed, everyone loved their home more than ever they did.

A home is a new place for a relaxing mind, entertainment, office, gym, and restaurant. We all underestimated our residential unit in all these years but this pandemic showed us mesmerizing facts. A store chain stated there is a 10,000 home design appointment this year. People are making difference to their basic unit. They are hiring professionals for interior design.

We went casual instead of formal in COVID

As people are working from home since coronavirus attacked the world. A massive rise has been observed in the sale of loungewear and pajamas in COVID-19, a shopkeeper said. People are no more bound to tie, shirts or formal office dress.

They attend office in casual. People are no more under office attire pressure. They wear what is comfortable and convenient for them. People have freed themselves from all expensive formal dress taboos.

The sale of heels and handbags has down to 62% and 56% respectively. This pandemic was eye-opening. We all have lost in the chaos and forget what we are looking for. Big noises never let you hear properly. COVID-19 proved devastated as well as productive time.

The majority have changed routine during COVID

Since coronavirus started, we are no more rush of the front door to start our laborious routine. We all are working from home. The sleep pattern, dining, schedule, exercise, and TV routine has changed.

We can put our laptop on the table and can work from home. Alarm clock purchases fell 38% but espresso purchases become high up to 69%. Suitcase sales fell 69% and we all cannot go anywhere. Smartwatches and fitness track rise to 64%.

Everyone is buying online video games and searching for art and crafts to make a change in the home. We all observed the first biggest shift in 21stcentuary since the pandemic started. People are making money from freelancing as a part-time job.

Many intellects are buying new courses to intensify their skills and are trying to absorb work out of the box. People are observing diversity and for sure it would be beneficial once everyone would be out of the pandemic.

We shopped online

Online sales rise from 60 to 70% during the coronavirus pandemic. Before the COVID outbreak, it was just 40%. People are trying new brands. They are giving chances to creativity instead of the formal traditional norm. Famous clothing brand launched a new mask attached to dresses. Even the bridal dresses have a matching mask.

People are celebrating quarantine theme birthday with the virtual world. Amazon made the biggest move. They have delivered goods during pandemic all over the world. Netflix played well. Exclusive sales of online purchases also attracted customers. Freelancers earned well by developing commercial and e-commerce websites.

Every person who is good in technology and social media earned well. But yes priorities have shifted from in-person shopping to online shopping.


Coronavirus started on 19 November 2019, it has been a year and we are still fighting with the second wave of coronavirus. It is a common flu with severe respiratory symptoms. Isolation and social distancing have been recommended. In the past summer, coronavirus attacks were easy but with winter they again catch severity. People with older age at risk and kids are safe and the younger suffers but not much.

According to coronavirus updates, the vaccine trial has been successful so far in developing countries. We all hope may this virus ends soon. Indeed it brought major and minor changes as well as productive and destructive opportunities, if people are making money on one hand, the people are losing a job on the other hand.

Everyone has a different perception either it is a blessing or a curse. But let’s hope whatever next year going to bring, it will be good and prosperous. After COVID-19 each of us deserves psychologically, emotional and financial wellness.


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