A real law of fuck yes or no avoids chaos in life and it is the absolute antidote for maybe. If you want to keep certain elements say fuck yes and if you don’t hold them then say straight no. Have you ever been with someone who doesn’t want to be with you in return?  Yes or no is precise and clear answers. They are no elements of confusion or nervousness when you show a strong will or disagreement with particular circumstances. A real law of fuck yes or no avoids toxicity between two people. A real law confiscates grey situations of confusion, hesitation, and uncertainty. 

The Derek Sivers, an entrepreneur said;

“If I am not saying Hell yeah to something then I would say No”

Lets say, two people are apparently connected and one person develops interest and love but the other has general attachment without deep emotions then it is a grey area. To resolve this uncertainty people advise to call or text or talk. But human behaviors seem more complex than a simple discussion.

Solving the grey area isn’t easy. Grey area encourages unnecessary blame games, manipulation, or drama. It creates exhaustion and frustration.

Let’s take the example of a girl who keeps waiting for a boy for fun despite knowing he has love emotions and it is absolutely a manipulation of time. If you want to be with that boy then say fuck yes and stop wasting valuable moments and if you don’t want to be with a boy then spare him so he can move on in life.

A grey area creates fun for some and frustration for others. If you are with someone but you are uncertain about developed feelings then you are already lost.

A law of fuck yes or say also states; if you are new to someone and want to get along both sides need to say yes to proceed further.

A law of fuck yes or no has little advantages.

  1. You are no more bound with toxic people or with a partner who has absolutely zero interest in your life affairs.
  2. You always know where you are standing with another person in life. A sense of honesty and transparency makes the relationship easier.
  3. A compact bundle of boundaries protects you from a tangible situation. You start becoming more visionary in relationships.
  4. A law of fuck yes or no enhances self-esteem and self-confidence.

Grey area merely not exists in relationships but in life goals and decisions as well. Sometimes you are stuck and not sure about certain life directions. A saturated state of confusion faints self-confidence and will power.

No matter how a bewildering life situation is, always choose one direction. You do not choose the right path, you make them the right paths. Take a decision and make it right.

The best antidote for hesitation is more self-confidence and self-trust. Life is a roller coaster and it will make you encounter with the gray situation. It is solely your responsibility to make yourself glass visionary and honest. You can avoid hesitation by putting more self-confidence and by implementing a real law of “hell yes or hell no”.


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