In 1348, England experienced a deadly Black Death plague. It proved as a devastating set back to the economies of the world especially Europe and East. Symptoms of Black Death Plague were headache, nausea, high fever and aches and lumps. These lumps grew in groin or armpits which gave them name bubonic plague. The last stage of the Black Death Plague was high fever and then death. It was a mystery to the England of people as they did not know with whom they were encountering. 

The Black Death plague was originated in Central Asia. Travelers and soldiers brought a bacterium that lived on rats to the ports of the Mediterranean Sea. It was an international commercial market and the focal point of powerful states. Black Death plague reached from ports of the Mediterranean Sea to Europe, Turkey and then East.

Black Death Plague killed the third and half of the population of Europe and it killed the same number of people in the East.

History of Black Death Plague and similarity with 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

Communities fell apart, crops weren’t harvested, and many villages of England were lost. It was estimated that every one in 10 villages were disappeared and never founded. Horses were lying on plain grassy grounds. Many places were only left with churches instead of houses. If you see the alone church in a vast place it may be a symbol of the lost village in 1348.

80% of people died who caught it. Many people recorded how they were living at that time. Some of them wrote;

Thickness befell everywhere but especially middle and lower classes rarely the great. It generated such a horror that children don’t pay visit to the dying parents and parents did the same for dying children. But fled for fear of contagion as if from leprosy or a serpent.

The same lines are applicable today. Because 2020 is also suffering from COVID-19 pandemic. Coronavirus emerged from Wuhan China in 2019 but with the lapse of time, it attacked every state. It causes massive havoc to Italy America England. Every statue of beauty and statue of power is suffering. The only defensive measure is isolation and distance from other people. Hence mortality is rate is less but every day is coming up with a rise in confirmed cases worldwide. 

In 1348 at Black Death Plague, the world experienced less economic damage for a short time. In ancient times physical labor was imminent. Farmers and laborers who died in the Black Death plague caused an increase in wages of other peasants. The surviving peasants demanded an increase in wage per day or they went to seek employment elsewhere.

A third population of Europe was dead but it didn’t let distribute wealth evenly among the rest of people. Some people kept money in families.

Black Death Business

But the rise of rich entrepreneurs and business government link was noticed during Black Death Plague. Indeed, the largest companies of the century faced economic damage but later they found big shares in the market as well as influence in government.

The situation of Black Death Plague and COVID-19 seem similar.

Small companies are relying on the government to export their products while the bigger companies have made feasible home deliveries and hence improving more.

The difference in international markets, civilization, innovation of technology, and lifestyle have an obvious difference from 1348 situation but still, some similarities are clear and transparent such as the Corporation of mega-companies, style of trending, manufacturing of the product, and speed for reaching to customers.

Although the wealth was not equally distributed in people. But some rich people managed to keep money in families.

Will become highly specific and rich businessmen went on high length to ensure that money will go in decedent but in less and fewer hands. It kept capital flow high.

Peasant got more money to spend in town. Waged based companies earned high profit and feudalism declined.

Merchants started work in cooperation and sold products together. Silk exported from Asia but now it manufactured in Europe and rich Italian opened their silk shops in Europe.

Rich entrepreneurs uniquely responded to the shortage of laborers caused by the Black Death plague. Urban investors spent money on developing new technologies and replaced physical labor with machinery. A Post Black Death period in 14TH AND 15 century, sudden growth in the infrastructure of business markets, resources concentration and skills.

Role of Amazon in 2020 Pandemic

COVID-19 hit the world ruthlessly and caused the closure of the restaurant, food markets, general stores and every institute.

Many people become unemployed but virtual society started taking place. Entertainment shifted from cinema to live streams, general store and food markets are going to online services.

 In the high competition era, it is almost impossible to reach a high customer rate. Meanwhile, some big cooperation have started working together such as Amazon, Netflix and Disney. History is repeating itself. Small companies are relying on government due to lack of finance but mega-projects joined hand in hand to attain a big share in markets and hence will create more influence over the government.


Pandemic no matter in what age hit globe always brings luck for some but adversity for others. Onward 1970, leaders started to believe in multinational systems instead of single statehood.

The cooperation of mega states started taking place in late 1990. But now as pandemic hit the world mega-companies as well are working together to earn more.

It seems like COVID-19 brought luck to mega-companies but adversity to smaller cooperation. The circumstances are the same as of the Black Death plague but it is worth waiting to see who will be next world power and to lead the world.


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