People believe that birth does not produce narcissists, but some environmental factors trigger the Narcissism and researchers even not entirely sure what is the leading cause of this personality disorder (Narcissism).  Narcissist children have dragged attention of psychology world couple of months ago. Psychologists believe that this narcissism personality disorder produces in the children due to their environment; this fact is more considerable; hence here we look at the main causes and symptoms of Narcissism.

Narcissist a personality disorder:

The clinical definition of the narcissist is ;

Narcissist is a personality disorder in which mental health is disturbed to a hygiene condition.”

 The psychologists elaborate on the symptoms and signs of the Narcissism.  Narcissist patient fell in arrogance, become entitled, manipulated, insecure, more fascination for the power and money. The inner of the narcissist child is filling up with hate and rejections.  

A narcissist cannot be diagnosed in children or teenage people. Because at this age, teenagers are growing, so Narcissism cannot be diagnosed. By the increase of age, Narcissism becomes worse and uncontrollable. In teenagers, such children do hateful actions without any embarrassment because they are not aware of their psychological condition.

Narcissist children:

Researchers and psychologists do complete research on the cause of Narcissism in the children at the University of Amsterdam. This research elaborates that the children are causing to Narcissism due to the involvement of their parents in their work.

 The researcher elaborated the parent’s involvement in the personal matters of the child makes him a narcissist. Consistent influence is the biggest factor in psychology. Excessive hold and command on some mind can fill his thoughts with hate and make his soul rebel. They become insecure and selfish. Children start thinking only about the power and wealth to get rid of their parents. They become rebellious, and deep down, they have hate. Narcissist children want to make their own decision. So, the parent’s involvement in daily life activities is the cause of Narcissism in the children.

Psychological facts about Narcissism:

The psychologists agree, consistent pressure and influence of parents can turn normal children into narcissists. Not all narcissistic children are become by the enforcement of the parents. Still, some children are self- insecure they tend to become narcissistic, and some children show this type of behavior when their parents overpraise their every move. Hence there are following causes of the Narcissism:

1-Narcissistic children are under the rule of Parents

 Narcissistic children are usually grown up in a family that is closely bound with conservative family culture and values. And diversity is unacceptable there. They force children to obey all the things that have given by parents.

 In this case, the children left behind and attracted naturally toward diversity instead of conservative manners. Such kind of families only wants their children to obey value morals, even lifestyle and thinking according to the parenting schedule. Due to this caged life, the children become narcissistic and do all bad things to get freedom in the wrong way. They fight for freedom and strive for power in morally unacceptable manners. 

Their parents reject Their thoughts, and rejections lead the wrong and rebellious way and make their inner with anger and frustration that mark them narcissistic.

2-Parental Mirror Image:

People make their children own the universe and never point out their mistakes. That excessive admiration and exaggeration of qualities fill them with arrogance, pride, and superiority complex. Faults must be correcting instead of hiding.

Children are reflecting the image of parents. If children are narcissists, that means they are bringing up by narcissist parents. Self- insecurity and superiority complex diminishes ashes of modesty.

If children have seen the parents show off and ruling over others, then psychology says that is strong evidence that why children are narcissists.

3-Nature has a major factor in Narcissism

Some children, by birth, have a lack of emotion. They are less empathetic. That factor doesn’t make them complete narcissist but the environment in which he gets and face they tend to mold a less empathic person in narcissist one. Surroundings trigger a lack of emptiness. They are taught relationships have don’t value, or the world starts with you. Human is secondary, or wealth has power than a human.

All these teachings trigger the Narcissism in children.  Children with a lack of emotion have a high tendency to absorb negativity as compare to positivity.  

How to know if children are a narcissist

Following are some traits can observe in the narcissistic children

  • They become aggressive
  • Their ego is their power. Narcissist shows the reflection when they threaten.
  • They don’t obey the orders that are given by anyone.
  • They become selfish and strike in the community to become perfect and to show that no one can defeat them.
  • Even when they fail, they never accept it because of their ego.

Help for narcissist children:

The main problem there is no proper treatment for this personality disorder. Narcissism cause by the surrounding environment or the upbringing of the children. If a child is chowing narcissistic behaviors, you must immediately notice where things are going wrong. There must be an issue in upbringing or surroundings. You should spend proper time with the child and offer him mind counseling. Try to fill kid with positivity curtsy and hope. You should bring up a child in a positive manner by teaching them about societies and people. You should expand child wisdom by infusing him with acceptance.

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