A healthy meal is full of vital elements and nutrition. The meal is a sound and healthy source of energy requirements for daily activities of life. People with a healthy diet tend to love disease-free happy long health spans. Our body needs a healthy diet in terms of function properly. Body organs work coordinately. This coordination is driven out by proper signaling and functioning of cells. Healthy Meal with sufficient nutrition quantity makes sure the signaling and functioning of body organs are performing an inappropriate manner. Healthy diet plans have been designs to get sufficient calories for a healthy day.

Healthy meal

Why healthy meals are required:

  • A healthy diet offers sufficient energy for daily laborious routine
  • It makes the body active and strong
  • It boosts up our immunity system against foreign invasion
  • Healthy meal makes muscles strong and strengthening our bones

A healthy meal is consists of organic natural vegetables and fruits. A meal bucket decides whether you are going to live longer or shorter. Unhygienic meal and a low-quality diet can cause gastrointestinal disease that will weaken your immunity. Ulcer and diarrhea are commonly caused by the disease by an unhygienic meal. Hence, a lack of a healthy diet subject body to poor performance, weakness, disease, and fatigue. A lean mind and muscle are unlikely to do essential chores of life. Fatigue nausea and restlessness you all fee in a day. Healthy is primary if health is good then life is good.

How salad as a healthy meal covers all age groups?

Indeed, the salad meal covers all dimensions that a body requires for functioning. Salad is a healthy diet for children for the development of a mature immune system and makes organs efficient. It is helpful for adulthood as it gives require essential nutrition to cope with a laborious routine. For the age group, it is antioxidant and lowers the risk of old age disease. It is a vital source of slowing the processes of aging. Healthy meals like salad and green tea make life active and lively. Precautions are better than a long bill of pharmacies. A young healthy lively soul is a winner in personal, professional, and academic fields.

Healthy meal

A recipe of Salad meal to make this iftar healthful:

Healthy meals in iftar definitely require after a whole day of fasting. The body needs nutrition n fine quantity. A bundle of spices after fast is harmful to the stomach. Therefore a simple pure quality natural meal should take after 15 to 16 hours fast. It will provide nutrients as compared to synthetic spiteful diet

Salad is a (meal) combination of organic natural vegetables cook with a low quantity of spices and a minute amount of oil. It is raw and low cook food that helps it to retain nutrients in fine quantity. It is one of the purest and simplest forms of a healthy diet.

ChickenBig boneless chicken peace
Ginger1 tsp
Olive oil1tbs
Vinegar1 tsp
Dried thyme1, ½ tsp        
Chili flakes½ tsp
yogurt6,8 tbsp.
Lime juice2tsp
Mustard paste1 tbsp.
Chopped onion1 medium
Chopped celery¼ cup chopped celery
Chopped lettuce2 medium
Capsicum chopped1 medium
Medium tomato1 medium
Cup cucumber½ cup cucumber
Crotons½ cup crotons
Oil2 tbsp.

How to prepare Salad:

  1. 1 big boneless chicken and marinate with some salt and black paper
  2. Then add 1 tsp garlic crushed, 1 tsp crushed ginger, 1 tbsp. olive oil, 1, ½ dried thyme, ½ tsp chili flakes  
  3. After 30 minutes, fry chicken with two tablespoons of oil till it takes brown color
  4. Take a bowl separately and add
  5. 6 to 8 tbsp. of yogurt, 2 tsp of lime 1 tbsp. mustard paste, 1 medium chopped onion, ¼ chopped celery, 2 medium chopped lettuce, and capsicum chopped 1 medium tomato, ½ cup cucumber ½ cup crotons and mix it well.
  6. Add chicken in mixture.
  7. Salad is ready to take
Healthy diet

Why salad is important as a healthy meal?

  1. Salad is full of fibers and therefore helpful in weight loss.
  2. Healthy meals reduce curiosity for fats and junk food.
  3. Salad vegetables are a vital source of stimulating the production of immune cells
  4. This meal strengthens the muscle, makes signaling active and makes the bones strong
  5. Salad with chicken is a healthy diet of iron production
  6. Ginger and garlic are stimulators for immune cell production and hence use as anti-inflammatory substances.
  7. A healthy diet lowers the risk of heart disease, controls cholesterol levels, and reduces blood sugar levels.
  8. Salad meal enhances the efficiency of digestive substances
  9. Salad has antioxidant compounds which make skin healthy (first line of defense against foreign invasion strong)
  10. A salad bucket or healthy diet plans are full of raw healthy natural vegetables, fruits, and organic compounds that mark it safest and healthiest to eat. 
Healthy meal


Healthy diet plans are effective in keeping life active. Everything starts with you. A sound mind and body require in facing stress and relief of life. A billionaire person on the hospital bed can never sense true joy. But a person without money only with sunset view is richest. Money is just a bundle of pennies undoubtedly life is complete with satisfaction, peace health, and true joys. If nature is offerings it’s a blessing in terms of natural fruits and vegetables it is our responsibility to avail chance. Any meal can be a healthy meal or a healthy diet with your little consideration and care. A wholesome diet is beneficial for beneficial life on Earth. Good lifestyle subjects to perform the best irrespective of what challenges are you facing.

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