A human face predicts his personality traits. The face is an index of mind and the soul wholly presents a human character… A human face is clear and obvious in reflecting human thoughts and ultimately action. If you want to observe a person you must observe what he likes to keep. A human develops personality and character by absorbing diverse energy from the surrounding. A good character is a symbol of a pure heart and a genuine personality. Character traits should genuine and strong. People respect a person of good character and consider him trustworthy, contrary, a person with bad personality traits are unlikely to have people and ultimately live a life of adversity and solitude. Indeed, a person with no friend is the poorest soul on earth. 

Human face

How a human face is the index of his personality traits?

A man’s face, if we can read it aright, is generally an index to his character. We can tell what sort of man he is by the expression of countenance. A simple example of this scenario is we can tell about species of fish by observing its seashell. However, the soul secrets its physical face. It is we who make our faces. Undoubtedly, we make them gradually and unconsciously to express our inner character. Character traits are simply the sum of the total of confirmed habits. Therefore, our personality traits are reflected in our facial expressions. Personality is a slowly evolving process, each of our traits leaves a mark on face. Therefore, ages have been taken up to reflect inner on the face and give their look to eyes.

Human face

What is the difference between young and older people’s faces?

It is harder to read character on the face of young unformed children because of an underdeveloping personality. Young children tend to adopt and abandon habits quickly. Therefore, children do not have permanent marks of character traits. Meanwhile, a full-grown man or woman has a solid presentation of inner on their faces. They have full developed habits that reflect from their eyes. A full grown-up human face is true mirror of inner personality traits.


How many types of human faces here?

This world is full of diversity and distinct elements. There are many kinds of human faces around us. We can read them aright. At least, we can sense what is hiding the face of behind smiling sweet outer mask

1.     What is a clear and obvious human face?


There are certain kinds of faces, which are self -explained about character traits. A clear obvious human face almost anyone can read. The personality traits are written in capitals on the face. You cannot mistake the red and bloated face of dunked people, the pride in the face of arrogant and crafty look in eyes of sneak. They have a true presentation of what they thought and what they do. This kind of self- depicting human face is easy to catch

2.     What is the sweet outer mask with an ugly inner human face?

Human face

 Hence the second category is dangerous and a task of deep observation. The people with outer mask and inner ugly torn soul are harmful. Their personality traits are full of insecurities and superiority complexes. It is tricky to catch them because it takes a trained and careful observer to read ugly faces. Undoubtedly, some clever people can make their faces like a mask to hide their real selves. Inner ugly with a sweet outer human face always emit negative energy. If you are unable to catch sneaky people still you can smell what they are and what they want.

How a human face betray?

 The word hypocrite means actor. An actor can make up his face for the stage show to represent a different person likely a hypocrite wears a mask in the real world. There are different possibilities in the world of dual faces. A sweet smile may able to hide insane crimes. Let’s speak for possibilities.

  • A false-hearted man may have a frank and open face.
  • A cruel man may wear a deceptive kind smile.
  • A rogue may look very honest aside.

As helmet says,

A man may smile and smile, and be a villain

A member once being introduced to an old gentleman of benign aspect who appeared to be a benevolent and almost saintly old man; I knew yet he had been guilty of several ruthless and deliberate crimes!

 But the face has always something that will betray such hypocrites to an accurate observer; especially in most expressive features, the eyes and the mouth. A look in eyes how shapes the mouth may betray the hidden manners of cruelty craftiness or selfishness. They may lurk behind the friendly smile and the frank look.



A human face explains the true character of the soul. Eyes reflect the truth of personality traits. If you want to analyze someone, always have a deep outlook on his face. But if you are unable to find out then observe the eyes and still if you are unable to identify then absorb the energy he emits. Your instincts never tell lie. Allow them to observe the energies someone throws for you. Every human body emits a certain kind of energy positive or negative. A good genuine person emits positive vibes and a cruel selfish person emits negative energy.

Little alert instincts can tell you about the whole personality. Some faces are obvious and some are hidden. Undoubtedly it is you who are going to find out by observing human face features or absorbing human energies. All traits kindness, generosity, love, cruelty selfishness leaves mark on face. You must observe closely to find out someone’s real naked personality.

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