This is the era of the Internet and technology. Internet connect human around the world. It is one of the authentic and fast sources of information. You put some of the desired information keywords and get bundles of the page about information.You can download desires files and can link to desired discussion groups. People with different age race cultures connect and exchange information. This is the era of globalization where all online world markets connect on a single point with technology. Without any doubt, the Internet and technology are beneficial as well as they have some own disadvantages. Excessive use of social media platforms can leave an adverse impact on the human mind and creativity. A sight on world glamour can make you forget about specialty you have. Human memory is affected by the Internet in bad manners. Short memory affects daily life schedule.


What is the use of the Internet in the modern age, especially in Quarantine?

The Internet is the marvel of this century, which has completely transformed the human perception of knowledge and entertainment. Among all other invention’s Internet is the most widespread and rapidly adopted technology. From academic queries to entertainment outlets, this technology has changed the human lifestyle and behaviour. With the invention of internet-basedInternet electronic gadgets, modern human is more dependent on the Internet than ever before. For today’s generation opting out of the virtual world is formidable. But how this internet addiction is affecting our brain. Let’s take a look how digital equipments are changing our life. Today on this spot, we are entirely basing on the Internet and electronic gadgets. COVID-19 locked us at home. Indeed, we are compelling to develop digital societies, online activities, online teaching and even online business.


Every corner of the world is terrified by the massive conformed cases of COVID-19. America, Spain, and Italy faced enormous damage and death cases. People are advise to stay at home and apply social distancing as much as they can. In a recent tie, we thoroughly depend on the Internet. Indeed he is playing an essential and fir role in every one lifestyle right now.

 How Internet diverge our attention?

A large portion of our daily life is consumed by internet usage, especially among teenagers and young adults. Today’s generation, generally called ‘digital natives,’ is brought up in a connected world where the Internet is a necessity and part of daily life. Furthermore, the frequent checking of smartphone for any incoming information has given rise to ‘checking behaviour’ which continuously hold our attention. Recent research shows that heavy multitasking on the Internet creates attention diversion, which leads to a lack of concentration in daily life. Extensive media multitasking has detrimental affects on children and adolescent. Because this age group is in a growing phase and lack of focus will leads to poor academic performance, anti-social behaviour and disruption of the sleep cycle. Massive social media platforms have a terrible impact on real conversations among people.


Human are always busy with electronic gadgets for communication with people out in the world. Therefore, gradually they start lacking how to talk with real-life people. Excess of Everything is terrible and hence the Internet also. A  divergence from focused goal because of curiosity on other life is the worst point researchers have observed. Excessive glamour of social media can affect you psychologically, and indeed it can drag you in an inferiority complex.

How Internet affects human memory and knowledge?

When does someone ask you how the Internet has changed your life? There are multiple answers but the most important one is, ‘it has changed the way we access information’. Today a person with a smartphone and internet access has practically all the information of existing literature on his fingertips. But how has it affected our nervous system for information processing and memory storage? The rapidly available information processing and retravel by Internet has changed humantransactive memory.’ Transactive memory is the type of memory storage in which the source of information is remembered rather than the actual information.

Internet works as a supernormal stimulus for transactive memory, which eliminates the usage of brain parts involve in long term memory storage. There is a lack of neural connectivity for long term memory storage in individuals who are heavily engage with the internet-based information resource. Scientists found a significant difference between behavioural habits of analytical thinker and non-analytical thinkers. Such as analytical thinkers use less screen time than the other group. Thus, extensive internet use negatively influences the information processing and memory storage of the human brain.


What are screen time and social cognition?

Social cognition means how a person behaves according to his personal experience. The action of others toward him and environmental factors which affect his health. The Internet has created a virtual world that is hardly different from the real world. Human social behaviour is innate to make upward social comparisons such as a number of followers, likes or retweets etc. In some cases, hyper-successful individuals create an artificial environment on social media, which leads to false expectations about oneself. This unrealistic comparison of social media leads to low self-esteem and poor body image. However, this same platform can be used to safely engage human in healthy activities if used ethically and appropriately.


The Internet is already influencing how we store, retrieve and even value knowledge. The Internet is exceptionally proficient in catching our attention, and incoming information engages us in multitasking, which masks our ability to sustain concentration. However, Everything has its bright and dark side; ultimately, it’s up to the user to determine which part he wants to explore!

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