In our modern world that’s a happy thing, mind over body. There is an actual physical link, when you show people, between our mental health and your physical state. But it’s not a happy thing at all but it’s just true. Mental health determines your longevity. Brain cells leave a deep impact on a thorough body. Mental health should be sound and fine if you want to live longer.

Region of Sardinia has people who enjoy longevity.

There is a fine division between body and soul. Getting to the bottom of why so many people in this Sardinia region live such long lives has been a matter of debate for a long time. And everyone seems to have their take. It is quite surprising, only this portion of the Mediterranean Sea has people with longevity

People here live to 100 because they live a ‘Vita Gala’. The ‘G’ stands for genetics, ‘A’ stands for environment and diet, ‘I’ stands for integration, and ‘A’ stands for self-esteem. That’s interesting, but could you explain why these things are important? One by one!

So genetics many of the Arznese centenarians come from a Nuragic village, which was on Genograms, Ruins.

 The first families that came to Arizona lived in the north of the village, which called Monte Conger. Because the Conger family were the first, that family turned to be centenarians. There is an important genetic component.

Giusy Ferrell is a local journalist who has been covering a series of unfortunate incidents related to the study of Blue Zone DNA.

 It all began in 1999 when they started to do genetic research. And then in 2000, a Sardinian entrepreneur, Renato Soru, founded a firm called Shardana.

Are genetic factors that determine Longevity?

Its goal was to find out the factors that determine longevity, by studying the DNA of an isolated population.

A genetic isolate that lends itself to third research. Shardna was sold to San Raffaele di Milano which went bankrupt six years later. The biobank, comprising 250 thousand genetic samples donated by 1170 people from Olestra, was sent to an auction. The situation becomes more complicated when in August 2016, the test tubes disappeared from the laboratory in Perdasdefogu.
We don’t know how or why.

The Sardinian authorities were quick to react and the stolen samples have now been returned but this story highlights issues when private interests are coupled with data that come from and should be for the common good. Ironically, it may have all been for naught.

To know the DNA sequence isn’t everything when the whole human genome was sequenced everyone said we can predict when someone will die but this has been disproved.  For example by the existence of identical twins that have the same DNA but their life span has been completely different. 

15 to 20 % of someone’s life longevity is due to genetic factors.

Only 2 Genes at the moment has been demonstrated to be associated with longevity and their impact is very weak.

 An author said;

“Before this, I used to work. I was a farmer. What’s fantastic in Sardinia is that they have conserved in the name of isolation, the model, and the way of life as if we were in the Neolithic period, where the men at the same time began agriculture in the fields and soon.

And began to domesticate the goat. In your opinion what’s the secret to living a healthy life maybe it’s because we don’t have stress around here.”

How mental health determines longevity?

Ah yes! So the thing about that interests me is that there have been these studies showing that it’s almost like your attitude to stress and that determines your psychological response towards stress. Your mental health determines longevity.

 So it’s like you see stress as this kind of damaging and depleting thing you are more likely to get ill by it but if you can reframe the way you feel stressed and you see it more as a challenge to overcome for something positive.

That’s important for growth that changes your hormonal response so it kinds of reduces the fluctuation of cortisol, a stress hormone that causes a lot of damage to cells.

And it encourages the release of anabolic hormones that you can repair and energize your body in a way. The transfer of interests from the genetics of longevity to the epigenetic of longevity is crucial.  Why? Because we can’t change our genes but your epigenetic can be changed. But what’s epigenetic?


So genes are all the instructions that have to make you. But not all the Genes switch on in all cells in the same way that’s why your heart cells do what it does and your liver cell what it does. Even though they all have the same genes.

 Epigenetic is all about how genes regulate by the body. And bizarrely and wonderfully this can be done by your thoughts and feelings. 

Your mental state can have a tangible effect on your cells.  They even talk of epigenetic clocks. These epigenetic clocks are capable of deciding how old you are biological.

Naturally, there are a lot of studies looking into epigenetic reversal.  That means we can restore a more biologically youthful state by altering the genetic and epigenetic expression.  There have been some promising studies in recent years.

Let’s hope they give us some answers.

Though the exact mechanism through which lifestyle factors play a role in altering your epigenetics.

 It has still been elucidated.  No matter what are recent studies but one thing is very obvious our mental state determines longevity.



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