The term “The New Life”

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world order. All sphere of connection has affected irrespective they are individual, social, national or international levels. Fair enough parts of worlds are facing lockdown but some countries have opened by taking standard precautions. The second wave of COVID-19 pandemic is predicted to hit the world. It seems like the history of Spanish flu is repeating her. However COVID-19 pandemic has introduced us with the new term the new Life. This life is different than what we used to live. New life has elements of isolation as we are addicted now of being alone due to quarantine days. Firstly “The New Life” has changed the custom of the real community into the digital community. 

“The New Life during Quarantine”

As we are locked in homes, our office’s, schools, touring spots have closed. People are unable to meet friends face to face. We are unable to party and cannot involve in team activities. COVID-19 is a strain of flu show mild to severe symptoms. The vulnerability of attack depends upon immunity. Some people are asymptomatic but some shifted to hospital ICU for the severity of the disease. 

There is no vaccination reported yet for COVID-19. There are no standardized drugs to kill the virus. It has resistance capabilities. WHO (World Health Organization) advises one defensive measure that is social distancing or quarantine days to prevent the spread of viral outbreaks. But it seems like the world is adopting new life in terms to prevent viral spread.

A new life during the COVID-19 pandemic is limited to the room. We connected not socially but virtually. All job activities, education, team activities organize by online meetings online classrooms, and chat groups. It is a huge change; shift of physically to virtually.

The new life

But how new life is affecting psychologically?

Yes, it is never easy to adapt to change. WHO also reported massive sales – purchase of stress relief drugs during world quarantine days. This big shift has affected mental health. But now people are getting into a new life. People do “work from home” activities. Renowned universities are offering online classes. The world is seemed to get adjust to new life. 

Food doesn’t deliver in restaurants anymore, but via delivery services in homes. A big occasion, wedding events, office brunch do not exist anymore.

The marriage trend is change in the COVID-19 pandemic. Simple Weddings are preferred instead of lavish large fancy gatherings. The individual level is resisting in accepting the change but soon it will. Socially, change has accepted from physical to virtual. Nature is restoring herself as “my new life”

“The New Life” after COVID-19 Pandemic.

How would it seem when lockdown will completely diminish? Perhaps to that day, we will addict enough to accept this isolated life. Perhaps, dependents over people will end. The thought of what society would think about us will end and most important we will find ourselves.

This virus prevail by physical touch with the infected carrier we will find more ways not to have a physical connection.

More recyclable gloves, flexible and durable facemask, good quality of disinfectant, social distancing practice, self-sufficiency are variables that we will observe in the future.

The peace of being alone will be prefer over company of people. Gossiping about the materialistic article will diminish. The health sector is going to more safe and secure. Real trade markets will shift in online trade markets.

COVID-19 pandemic will open a new door for technology, innovation and revolutions. Whenever pandemic or economic crises hit the world, Leaders with ideas guide the world.  

Unsettlements are big settlements of life.

“My new life” is a term of ongoing collecting surveys. People are expressing their opinions on how they feel in quarantine days and how would they feel if continue to live in the same manner.

The new life

New life will come with new challenges. Survival of humanity by escaping medical crises poverty and economic crises is worth watching.  It is worth telling how people are changing the mode of work? How new life is changing the term of the relationship among people? How we are escaping new terror that COVID-19 pandemic has parked in us? Most importantly new life would come if we can survive the present pandemic.

“Pros and Cons of change lifestyle”

Pros of new life

1-good turn in relationships:

Laborious routine leaves a bad impact on the relationship. You had less time to spend while everything was normal in a past day. But quarantine days and work from home gives major opportunities to work on the relationship. If you didn’t get enough time in the past to spend with companion or children, now you have good enough time to fill the space. Visit them ask them, have fun. Make a maximum of quarantine days while you have it.

2-The surprising effect of loneliness

Loneliness isn’t bad if it’s productive. It will clear voices in the head. It redirects path. Productivity comes when you work well enough on your own. Loneliness will introduce you to hidden capabilities and bad flaws. You now have a chance to readopt good habits and capture a bad one. Quarantine days are productive time to bring major changes in life.

Cons of New life

1-Dependence on technology:

In the new life, we are depending on technology in Quarantine days even more than past normal days. COVID-19 pandemic is making technology addicted. The use of social media platforms for engaging activities, online gaming, and online trading is a new change. It is damaging the ethics of face to face dealings, real trade markets. Unprivileged societies are affecting badly due to a lack of awareness and lack of facilities.

2-Lack of physical interaction and communication

The world is addicting to tech gadgets and lack of face to face interaction. It will leave a bad impact on upcoming generations. A fear of loosing confidence for physical interaction is knocking at the door. Kids are getting addict to smart apps as well as they are losing physical activity as schools are close. Hence quarantine days will leave bad stains over children’s minds and enhance psychological stress on adults’ minds.



COVID-19 pandemic has caged us in quarantine days. We cannot leave home unless we have a medical emergency or we have to purchase groceries. Every state is recommending preventive measures such as;

  • Use of gloves
  • Use of mask
  • The distance of 6 ft. while interacting another person
  • Avoid of gatherings
  • Healthy diet to boost the immune system

New life will welcome all these aspects. It is worth predicting how the world escapes from the real world into the digital world.



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