Pakistan Introduction at a Glance

Pakistan is a country of 197 million (2017) people that belongs to different sects. She has a diverse cast system that embeds in the same values and culture. It is a developing country that contains the middle-class in the majority. These people hardly get necessities of life. Youth is a positive and potential aspect of Pakistan society. This is a country of four provinces. All are distinct in their way but are facing crises at intervals. 

Punjab is suffering from a lack of facilities as compared to population density. Sindh has a high illiteracy rate and a feudal system. Pashtoon is fighting for the Durand line that divined harmony between Pakistan Pashtoon and Afghanistan Pashtoon. Baluchistan has an inferiority complex because of government negligence. Their hate for Punjab is creating a breach among Balochi and Punjabi. Pakistan has challenges at the door since its inception in 1947. Pakistan’s foreign policy always presents state security concerns, not economic development.

Pakistan is lacking in financial resources as compared to its neighbors (China, India, Iran, and Bangladesh). The ever-decreasing Pakistani currency is boosting poverty. People live hand to mouth in this era of inflation.


The world is facing a Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Pakistan is also being targeted by this fatal outbreak. It is a type of flue that recovers in good immune bodies but causes death in older and weak immune bodies. Some people may not show any kind of symptoms but some people get lung collapse as in Italy. 

WHO declared isolation and staying home as a defensive measure against coronavirus. People must avoid social gatherings. They must show responsibility for the sake of care and betterment. If a country wants to avoid this outbreak then locking people down is the only choice they left with.

Pakistan is under the attack of virus and is ready for lockdown through but Prime minister Imran Khan stated

We cannot have a curfew in the country because 25 percent of people are living under the poverty line. They cannot have bread two times. We cannot provide food to people by locking them down in homes.

But Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has declared a curfew for the next 15 days all over Sindh started from 23 March 2020.

Major social issue

  • Poor infrastructure
  • Broken Judicial system
  • Corruption
  • Illiteracy
  • Lack of Citizen Participation
  • Lack of Accountability and Transparency

All these social strain has dragged Pakistan deep down in pits of economic crises. We cannot have a complete curfew because we do not have enough resources to support the Public.

Is Pakistan standing on edge of the economic crash?

The future is terrifying with or without curfew in the Coronavirus pandemic. If we have a curfew, People will die of hunger if we will not people will die of coronavirus. Pakistan has 14.56% inflation in 2020 against last year 7.34%. This inflation is damaging every sector that can generate finance. Coronavirus outbreak is attesting the economic crash of Pakistan as well. Food is a necessity and expensive items cannot afford by the middle class. It is a wrong approach that if we will have complete lockdown

Concluding Remarks

Pakistan can have a partially locked down scenario. The area that has high infection density can drag under curfew. Other areas must strictly instruct to adopt preventive measures Preventions are facial masks and disinfectants. Now it is the responsibility of government to provide preventive items at cheap price and responsibility of the public to purchase and apply the as well.

We being a nation is targeted by a corona virus. We must show responsibility to inform people by awareness and giving supplies to one who cannot afford it. 


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