Ask forgiveness if you have done something bad. Ask forgiveness if you have spoken bad. Undoubtedly even ask forgiveness if you kept wrong intentions for someone. Miss-communications are likely to happen when you are engaged in social bonds. However, some mistakes lead to the regret if they remain unsolvable. No matter either you have done worst or you have spoken non desirable words. You always can take your actions back. If you genuinely want to apologize, do with all heart. Never take an apology as a formality. However, ups and downs are part of life but it does not mean you have to be brutal. No matter you deserve an apology or not but always do the right thing. If you are guilty then ask apology with these three steps.

Three steps to ask for forgiveness.

“I am sorry” it may seem easy to write. But the meaning is hard and speaking to someone is even harder.

Get approval for forgiveness

A right thing is to ask permission for forgiveness. It may seem funny. And that’s how you should start. The person you did wrong may not want to hear an apology.

Some people need time and space to cool off. Some people may forget immediately after you ask forgiveness, but some can hold grudges for years. Therefore, if you intend to meet someone and want to apologize, make sure the other person allows you.

Show sincerity in your behavior

Part of asking forgiveness includes sincerity in behavior. Speak politely and have gentle expression. Be someone who really has regret for doing wrong. Try not to use “if” in apology.

A person’s instinct always lets him know whether he is right or wrong therefore seeks a genuine apology and never lets your expression for granted.

Make them believe you won’t do that again

Commitments for not doing bad acts further are important. People may show mercy because you will commit that you won’t do bad things again.

Forgiveness never means relation can get back to normal or there would be no consequence but forgiveness means another person won’t seek revenge. Anyhow, if you have done bad with someone ask apology and don’t live in the past. Always move on.


A human is a fine combination of saint and devil. You cannot be good all time. At some point, your actions can hurt someone’s emotions. Intentionally or unintentionally you may prove bad for someone’s mental health.

However at any moment if you feel things are not well going then talk. A clear and transparent conversation is key to ask forgiveness.


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