How to control stress in Pandemic? It is a question at the door. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is engulfing world ruthlessly. Superpowers are failing in trapping the deadly virus. As a result, the World has locked down in homes. Except medical staff no one is ready to step out from home and put their lives at risk. This deadly virus has reached out in every corner of the World and increasing psychological stress. But on the other hand, some countries are facing massive physical damage. As Italy, one of the most beautiful mesmerizing country and America a superpower are facing deadly consequence. 

Both committed the same mistake, and that is negligence behavior and lack of preparation to counter this Pandemic. Everyone is worry about the lock down and caged life that we are spending at home. News media is adding fuel to the fire by updating reported and death cases. Some of us is terrifying by the thought, is this end of World? Psychological stress is increasing day by day. We know that Anxiety is not a solution, and we must devise a way and answer to audience for how to control stress during Pandemic.

How to control stress by mind relaxation tips:

Good quality of perception and thoughts are necessary during crises. The very first thing that your mind picks is way how to respond to the particular event.  We are categorized by attitude and quality of opinions. In any crises, there are two types of people, the one who get panic and complicates the situation even more and second is the one who keeps themselves calm and tries to handle it

“Person becomes what he thinks.”

In the same way, if you want to change the quality of life, then you must change your perception about different aspects. A positive approach is the only way to tackle worry and negative situations

“If you want to alter reality, you must alter thoughts.”

There are some mind relaxation tips that will reduce your psychological stress and anxiety.

1. Exercise and Balance diet;

Yoga and rest of exercises enhance the spirit of optimism and sense of gratitude. Try to wake up early in the morning. Always go for a view of sunshine. If you can see rising shine with sound body and mind in Pandemic, then you are lucky. Not everyone has a chance to enjoy the sun view. A healthy and balanced diet will leave a good impact on the body and mind. It will also boost up the immune system. COVID-19 never drags a full immune person in worst situations. Exercise and a balanced diet will help you in managing anxiety and psychological stress.

2. Less use of Social Media;

Social media and all public news channels can increase psychological stress about (COVID-19). You must avoid facts and figures and also the opinion of experts about Pandemics. Conditions of Italy and America are parking terror in people. You can accomplish responsibility as a social person just by taking precautionary measures and by staying at home. Less news will make worry less. Global updates should acknowledge but not in Pandemic. Reported death can create a trap of negative thoughts and will increase the restlessness in the soul. Try to stay away from Social media for some time.

3. Be productive during Quarantine;

Nature has offered you a chance to reconsider the choice you were going to make and the decision you were going to take. You are alone without offices hours and social circle. Try to listen to soul and try to set resolutions that you will accomplish after Pandemic. You must adapt skill and must productive by introducing new aspects of production. Do not waste this span in using social media and chattering online with people. This type of lifestyle in quarantine will only increase anxiety and worry. If you have a chance, then you must listen to yourself and try to make a change every day. This is a better mode of controlling psychological stress


Whenever a Pandemic attacks the World, its activities always get limited and anxiety flourishes. In recent Pandemics of COVID-19 people are confined to their houses. This caged life is increasing psychological stress. But we must not worry about things we cannot control. It is a time to keep you calm in productive ways. A conscious action is better than unconscious thought. Spend your quarantine time with family away from the anxiety of the World. You must control stress before stress starts controlling you. Well, you can on do a one good thing to rest of humanity and it is inside stay. This is the thing that World is demanding from you. This is what humanity is demanding from you. Staying home and calmness are a gesture of responsibility care and hope.

Am i right?


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