We humans are not as simple as we pretend to be. We are a highly developed, organized, and complicated creature. A human holds the universe inside his head. Psychology explains the human brain has wonderful strength. Sometimes we feel gratitude and in the next moment, we are depressed by unfulfilled desires. But some life problems, disturbing phenomena, confusing circumstances lead to emerge disturbing thoughts. Disturbing thoughts affect us mentally and physically. We start leaving a bad impact on our daily life routine. Psychology tells us it is okay to have bad thoughts about life. But the continuous negative approach can put one in depression or anxiety.

What Factors lead to disturbing thoughts?

If you are having disturbing thoughts suddenly and you feel low and pessimist about life and past achievements this is because of low self-esteem. You may you are coping with one following condition;


Anxiety is over consciousness or concern about future activities. Lack of satisfaction leads to anxiety. Overthinking is the biggest reason for anxiety. You start believing in circumstances or problems that don’t exist.


Stress at work or home affects your work situation. It disturbs sleep and you start underestimating self-esteem. You start losing confidence and all of a sudden you feel miserable and frustrated about the future. Overstress about daily routine can trigger disturbing thoughts.


Health is wealth. A person with good health and strong consciousness enjoys eternal life and embraces challenges of life. If you are ill and start feeling anxious about career or daily life routine then it is a strong base for initiating disturbing thoughts.


High potency medication can also trigger disturbing thoughts. Behavioral disorders usually show up in long term medication. The general instinct you feel is incompetency and failure.

Negative thoughts kill gratitude and lack of gratitude kills peace which leads to disturbing thoughts and depression.

5 healthy ways to stop disturbing thoughts

Keep doubt on your thoughts

You can cope with disturbing thoughts by encountering them with suspicion and doubts. Don’t believe all time what you think. Have a space for self-doubts and self-criticism. Make possibilities of your own thinking.

A strong self believes can destruct your personality. Set back and analyze what you are thinking and what can be possible combinations. You need to separate what is real and what is overthinking.

Kill the non-existing stuff in mind. Write them or discuss them with people. Kill every element that triggers negative thoughts and put self-esteem in danger.

Say “No” to disturbing thoughts

Negative thoughts are the idea of the devil. If you suddenly feel there is a negative phenomenon coming in mind, sit and take a breath and ask yourself where they are coming from. Confiscate bad elements in mind. Be vigilant to hold the resources that trigger disturbing thoughts.

If you will not hold thoughts ultimately they will hold you which are a more devastating phenomenon. Thoughts offer us ground to build Life Empire. Our quality of life depends on the quality of our thoughts.

 A positive life comes with positive thoughts and the same true for negative thoughts.

Say no to a disturbing thought. Capture them as they try to enter consciousness and cut their roots. Keep reminding yourself, you are in charge of your thoughts and they always are not true. Some thoughts are mere deception. 

Develop a sense of gratitude.

Gratitude is an emotion of having fair enough. Gratitude develops satisfaction in life. It will save you from falling deep pits of negativity and hopelessness. Always grateful for what you have. Be hopeful for what you are desiring but never forgetful the blessing you have today.

Some people out there may pray for the thing that you are taking for granted right now.

Have faith and trust for the right time. Keep working and praying for life goals. Never let negative thoughts reduce your productivity.

If old strategies are not producing desire results and you getting stress with every passing day then take a break or alter your strategies, start all over again and be hopeful for a good result. Negative thought does nothing better but creates chaos in mind.

Life is better with friends

Honest friends are the biggest asset. True and honest friends are protective shields in hard times and support systems in a challenging time.

You get direction, courage, transparency and help from an honest friend. A loyal friend can make an escape route from disturbing and negative mindset. Always surround yourself with good and positive people.

Community deep leaves impact psychologically. Hence to lead happy, positive and productive life surrounds you with a happy positive and productive mindset people.

Disturbing thoughts won’t stay forever

This is the best antidote against negative and chaos created thinking. Always believe this feeling of anxiety and disturbance won’t last forever.

 It is just a phase and it will pass soon. Sometimes it is okay to feel low or over-anxious. But continuous negative thoughts can leave lasting effects hence always have trust for right and positive. Keep trust, the phase of disturbing thoughts is about to pass.


Disturbing thoughts affect our daily routine life. Negative perception reduces productivity and enhances brain stress call which in return affects the body physically.

Have a balanced diet healthy work schedule proper sleep and time for family. Maintain a balance so you can save yourself from random, wild and disturbing thoughts.

If you are encountering them right now, perhaps you need to change your lifestyle. Everything will get better once you will determine to cope with wild and negative thoughts.

The human brain is designed to store every emotion but abundance creates damage. Everything seems appropriate in proportion and this sentence true for thoughts as well. Keep every element of life in balance. 


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