The word persistence implies the continuity of action despite opposition and difficulty. Also, persistence refers to an attitude of not giving up and putting hard work to achieve a goal. Persistence is a good trait as it makes people a person to achieve long term goals without any continuous source of external motivation and drives you with the power of hope.

 Elon Musk once said, 

“Persistence is very important. You should not give up unless you are forced to give up.”

While starting any venture either it’s about academics, business, or any other form, people are usually passionate and dedicated.

Somehow, enthusiasm might lost in the middle of the long journey or you may be no longer remains persistent with that goal. 

A lot of people started without any commitment, that’s why a lot of valuable time wasted by a person. Without persistence, actions are mare a waste of time. Before accomplishing any goal, a person should analyze his level of determination.

Three Steps To Analyze Your Persistence. 

Here are three easy step which will make clear are you persistent enough for life goals?

Are you dedicated enough to achieve a goal?

Initially, you set a goal and strive hard to achieve that and each goal demands hard work, passion, and sleepless nights.

Your persistence level is determine by either your dedication toward your goal or by quitting in the midway.

While accomplishing a goal, a person comes across to many tasks which he completes with or without any motivation. If he lacks motivation, it will be his determination for the goal which will drive him to carry on the struggles.

 Hence your degree of persistence will directly proportional to the level of determination and patience towards your goal.

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

You cannot find out your potential without tempting and struggling. If you wish to engage in the same challenges that you used to , you’ll be unable to find out your persistence level.

Instead, you should push yourself out of your comfort zone so that you discover your limitless potentials.

Thus your long term determination throughout the challenge determines your persistence level.

Do you spare a lifetime to achieve a goal?

It doesn’t matter how much effort you put to get your goal, the real thing which matters is how much years of your life you’ll going to spare for your goal.

If you are spending your precious time to achieve your goal either with or without motivation, congratulations! You already know your persistence.

Hence, the amount of years you dedicated to achieving your goal without any forceful factor is your persistence level.

For measuring your persistence, choose a goal. Then ask yourself, how long you’ll go with it without any positive outcome.

But there is a fact, persisting forever is an act of stupidity. Means working forever without any positive outcomes indicate something wrong is happening.

Doesn’t matter how persistent you are with your goal, if results are not coming, revise your goal and strategies.

Persistence is not about motivation

Motivation is about an urge to get positive outcomes. But persistence is to continue toward your task if there is no motivation to carry on. There is a thick difference between the two.

Because motivation cannot push you forward if there is no positive feedback about your struggles.

Thus, persistence is a product of patience and commitment to carry on with your goals. It doesn’t depend on the circumstances but it is an independent variable.

It is an intrinsic property to carry on with tough goals and a lifetime. Your patience will lead you towards the positive results. Determination has a major part to be successful in life. All successful people were determine to accomplish life goals. Persistence act as fuel in hard work and commitment. 


Persistence somehow is an engaging element that is require by an individual to carry on with goals at different stages. Determined attitude abates all chaotic courses during the struggling period. It teaches us to be self-sufficient and independent.

Determination never lets us go down in front of any hurdle. If you are determine for accomplishing life goals then challenges will act as boosters

 If you want to achieve a goal or want to be prominent in a desired field either academics or business, you should have persistence and sincerity with your desired goals.

 But if you are unable to get results by continuous persistence for a very long time, you should ponder over and revise your strategies again.


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