How to develop Virtual society is question of curiosity and worry.

Life is caged by the attack of coronavirus (COVID-19) on the world. The harmful virus drags superpower and statues of beauty in unfortunate manners. The world isn’t expecting this peak of helplessness. We can do nothing but stay inside. People are dying and the rest of fighting with anxiety. How to ponder it is, in this era of better medical facilities and technology and best navigation systems, we are surrendering in front of tiny particles. A small particle of 20 nm is engulfing us. We are locked down at home and unable to meet with fellows, friends and colleagues. We cannot go outside for a single task.

A small particle is a ruling world, but we have to connect with all humanity. How to be social when being social is the biggest crime in the present time. People are facing anxiety and depression. Some of us are terrified by the thought; maybe we are its next victim. Virus symptoms are different and based on the immune system. Young children and aged people are highly at risk. Our responsibilities, rights and duties get as limited as we get limited to homes.

The below context will help in decoding question; how to develop virtual society ?

How to develop virtual society in the social distancing era.

This is a worry and alarming situation for the existence of a real community. All social elements confined to just their places. This is the era of technology and the internet. We can travel to any corner of the world in the house and can talk to people of any culture. This is our world. Humanity is a community. We should take advantage of the internet and technology.

We can have a virtual social gathering, which would be as same as real social gatherings.  Many social apps can link us to the rest of the world.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Zoom
  • Skype

The reality of Manual artifacts and their role to develop virtual society

Manual articles which are manufactured and operated by human have no worth themselves. But the use by human and his perspectives make a good worth or lousy worth. It depends on how we can use telecommunication and social apps in caged life. They can operate in productive ways. Manual artifacts work according to the order we issue. Our perception and actions categorize them in good or bad list. We are living a virtual life now. We must change our approaches to computing activities.

Virtual gathering instead of real gathering are key factors to develop virtual society

Social groups have banned in any institute and platform. We need to take the initiative for the virtual meeting by considering the condition of the world. Internet and social media platforms are not bad. They must use for creating content and awareness campaign. They give opportunities for virtual society in the same way as real society gives us for real social gatherings. Precisely formal and informal virtual social gatherings can organize. We need to change our perspective and should accept the choices that we are living in. There is no point for exhaustion. Computing life is all we can live. It is on us how we can make it worth living.

Constructive approaches to develop virtual society

Productivity is essential in sensory developments. Creative activities should accomplish in virtual social gatherings. A Social group can interlink with each other via different social apps. Round competition should organize. Virtual reading and story clubs should arrange.  Social virtual gaming apps are available. People can communicate and play together. Productivity is beneficial for sound mind and body. Stock still posture cannot do better except dragging you in depression and anxiety. Creativity offers imagination and forces you to pave the way for turning it into reality. Constructive approaches for virtual society can do best for the survival of social sense.


The social distancing era is forcing us to develop virtual society instead of a real one. We must accept this fact and approach it in constructive ways.  We should use technology in useful manners. Life has turned tables for us. It allows us to live it behind the door. We should take this opportunity in wisely manners and new improvements. It is time to change our approaches from real life to virtual life. We must accept virtual life, and yes, it is not bad, but our slant for it makes it worse. An excellent constructive virtual lifestyle is waiting for us.

Am I right?



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