How to find a liar is elaborating the general characteristics of all pathological liars. At some spots, they share the same nature. With comprehensive and precise facts, we can protect ourselves from sugar-coated words and dual personalities. A good liar tells a lie with a right outer and ugly inner. A pathological liar holds ground information of likely arguments. If they are about to tell a lie, they must meet eye contact before starting a performance. A pathological liar is sharp and can change the meanings. In the end, they win. How to find a liar will help you in the future for catching good liars. Below mentioned are common prominent characteristics of a liar.

1. Liar’s Insecurities are at peak;

Liars always have high insecurities and shattered ego. He still suffers from a jealous and inferiority complex.  Boosting skills and achievements can observe here. Uncertainties are sharp, and the person with insecurities is more intelligent. He knows exactly how to create false statements about others. The inferiority complex surrounds him, and he can hurt anyone up to the maximum level. Insecurities will let them more command over others. Self-suggestions about one’s traits can be seen clearly. They are sharp in observance and can play with the audience’s mind. They sense the reaction and plan their activities accordingly. Liars are truth stretchers and always talk between the lines. They also can change the meaning of the whole discussion. The most delicate part about a liar is they can turn the table with their sharp senses.

Good liar

2. A liar can hide feelings by listening to people;

A liar can hide feelings well. They are excellent performers and can act according to the situation. A liar somehow knows the tricks of engaging. They first listen to people and respond accordingly. They use the power of listening. A liar doesn’t hesitate and speak lie with confidence. Their confidence and performing skills help them in deceiving others. They act naturally, so everyone doesn’t hesitate to believe them. They pause in speaking neither they break eye contact. One of the prominent characteristics is while lying, they don’t break eye contact and say false statements. They lie under cover of confidence and acting. They are good at controlling their emotions. You would never know what a liar thinks because they can keep facing a blank one.

3.Liar keeps good appearance and possesses the fast ability of thinking;

A pathological liar has an eye-catching personality. They are not lean dull and robotic but keeps sharp, attractive, and observing characters. A liar outlook is also decisive; it helps him to tell a lie. A good liar maintains himself that proves as a backbone in telling a lie. Their ability to meet eye contact with an easy way of talking continuously catches the spotlight. A liar knows how to engage an audience with appearance and communication. We must beware of sugar-coated people with attractive personalities. It is okay to have a difference of views than decisive characters. Always surround honest people with a critical approach. You must welcome diversity in life. But a pathological liar isn’t diversity. However, he has terrible behavior of laying.

Good liar

4.They victimize themselves by putting blames on other;

A pathological liar is sharp enough to turn the tables. They can harm you by start victimizing their own. A good liar has a good memory. He recalls well where he tells a lie. A pathological liar can exaggerate the truth and add spices in sentences. They never go for settlements but keep stretching it. Their inferiority complex forces them to degrade other people. They are not happy with prosperity and always in the way of hurting sentiments of others. A good liar has twin personalities in behavior. A sharp inside but sugar-coated outside. Well, you are unable to guess his intentions. Anyhow, good memories save them from catching red-handed. A pathological liar tells a lie with confidence, eye contact, and possess a good appearance. Indeed, if you find a dual person, you must beware.

5.A Liar chooses to be a liar;

Well, life holds thick and thin, ups, and downs. A pathological liar has somehow carried scars on the soul that turn a person into a monster. He somehow hurt by others. Therefore, he starts hurting others. Pain cannot be cured by pain. The only way to kill the worst is to create the best, but a liar chooses to be a liar. He has two options, either heal scar with patience or revenge by lying. He never practices patience and starts deceiving people in the same manner people did.

This is a ground reality behind every good liar. We must be careful with liars who can cover their words with sugar. An essential tip of catching pathological liar is that they always have complete knowledge of ground facts and figures. They also can change coarse of communication as they observe people are going to get an advantage over them


Beware from good liars. They can harm you in many ways. The worst part of good liars is you will never know real intentions for you. A dual personality can be a destructive spot, especially if he is in your friend zone. A trust broker person only speaks for pain and suffering. If you start observing general characteristics by the way they behave, you must maintain a specific distance.



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