How to grow healthy hair, and what are the required vitamins and proteins for this cause?

Long healthy, shiny hair is a dream of every girl. Boys are conscious as well for hair loss. Both are always in search of homemade remedies or treatment formulas for hair damage and hair loss. The best answer is natural treatments. A natural treatment with natural food is safe and healthy to use. Nature is always offering us with blessings. Natural organic food keeps all essential nutrients. Fruits and vegetables are helpful for hair growth. They possess essential vitamins and proteins for hair growth. This topic is a comprehensive answer for question. How to grow healthy hair?

Top 5 vitamins essential for hair growth

Below mentioned vitamins are essential for thick and robust hair growth. All these vitamins are readily available. A little consideration can make your hair eye-catching.

  • Vitamin B7
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E

Vitamins with their sources for hair growth

These vitamins are found in natural food. Healthy cooked food without spices is better in nutrition. Despite hair growth, some general function perform by vitamins are as a fellow;

  • Above mentioned nutrients are also essential in
  • Strengthening immunity,
  • Glowing skin,
  • Act as anti-cancerous and antitoxin agents.
  • Recover damage cells

1-Vitamin A

It considers it essential for healthy hair growth. This has a function of the moisturizing scalp. This vitamin has two primary functions; it enhances the circulation of oxygen to the scalp and also improves the growth of hair follicles that ultimately increases hair growth. The best sources of vitamin A for hair growth are

  • Egg
  • Meat
  • Red and yellow vegetables

2-Vitamin C

This has beneficial functions. All citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. it prevents cardiovascular diseases and helps in weight loss. They also boost up the immunity and antiviral remedies for flu and healthy skin. Vitamin C is helpful in hair growth as it produces collagen. Collagen is excessively found in muscle-bone skin. It helps in the formation of the root structure. The best sources of vitamin C for hair growth are

  • Lemon
  • Red and yellow paper
  • Spinach
  • Tomato
  • Orange

3-Vitamin B7

It is essential for hair growth. This is also called Biotin. It causes disintegration of protein in amino acid. The principal role of Biotin is strengthening hair. It repairs damage caused by dust and sun, excessive electrical styling instruments and chlorinated dirty water. However, it makes skin and nail healthy

Best sources of Biotin for hair growth are;

  • Milk
  • Almonds
  • Eggs
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Spinach

4-Vitamin D

Loss of vitamin and minerals has a direct link with deficiency of vitamin D. It is supplementary for hair growth. This Vitamin D magnifies the absorption of calcium and makes bones strong. Inadequate intake of vitamin D causes hair loss weakening of bones and skin damage.

Chief sources of Vitamin for hair growth are;

  • Cheese and egg yolk
  • Fish and orange juices
  • Liver of beef
  • Soya bean and Spinach

5-Vitamin E

This has an essential function in hair maintenance. It prevents hair from drying and capture moisture at the scalp. It nourishes hair follicles and strengthens hair. Intake of vitamin E is the healthiest way of hair growth. Growth of hair becomes double tie high with a sufficient amount of vitamin E in the body. Chief sources of Vitamin are for hair growth are;

  • Sunflower seeds
  • Olives
  • Spinach
  • Almond
  • Peanuts


Indeed,the sound health of hair is essential for everyone. Well,healthy hair magnifies the styling of hair. Undoubtedly, long thick and healthy hair is a deep desire for every girl. No matter how era shifts in trends, healthy hair enhance your capability of transformation. However, they help adapt and shift in fashion. Indeed, a new time with new trends demands a new in you. If you are unable to take a healthy natural diet, you must go with vitamin and mineral supplements. Undoubtedly, synthetic products are unable to replace natural ones. You must choose your food wisely because what you eat your body automatically becomes.

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