Emotion intelligence EI is defined ad how a person identifies and manage his emotion as well as others.  It can be divided into three main pillars. The ability to recognize and balance of own emotions, The ability to apply emotion in life, and the ability to recognize people’s emotions around you. Emotionally intelligent people are clever enough to control emotions. They are good at balancing when it comes to the emotional sphere. Emotionally intelligent people have command when and how they need to express opinions and feelings. They live a healthy life without the pressure of society. 

How to know if you are an emotionally intelligent person?

A person with a specific attribute shows some observable characteristics. A person has the outer according to the inner. He shows what he supposes to have inside.  If you are emotionally intelligent then you will represent some healthy life habits that mark you high above others. Studies show they have less mental stress and anxiety when they are in the world or up to something else. Their sphere is positive without external interference. Emotionally intelligent people know how to stop someone’s interference in life.

5 Characteristics of emotionally intelligent people.

1-They only depend on themselves for happiness.

Emotionally intelligent people expect less, demands less and hence they are out of disappointments regrets and grief.

 For them, Peace happiness prosperity and positivity are derived by their sources. These people are dependent on happiness. They do not expect anyone to come and cheer them up. Also, they did not trust in taking care of by angels.

They depend on life without being attached to external happiness. Excessively use the word self- sufficient and self- services when it comes to companionship.  

They are well aware when a person depends on someone else for happiness and peace they are at stake of disappointment and regret. Emotionally intelligent people never take a risk on mental health.

2-They avoid interference in other people’s lives. 

They do not meddle in people’s affairs neither they allow anyone to poke in their business. They are self – dependent when it comes to the personal sphere. Being good and being a poker two different things and they knew.

Emotionally intelligent people are quite sharp in terms of balancing life. They are out of other people’s drama. They use the phrase live and let live. They accept whatever comes in their way and also recommend people not to interfere with judgments. Passing remarks are an outdated class for them.

They keep discrete silence in other people’s life. Hence they do not crumble peace of others neither they let anyone disturb their peace.

3-They don’t complain

Complains come when you feel someone has abandoned your order or trying to give a gesture of disobeying. If you understand the reasons behind someone’s actions you might never feel complaining instead you will understand their position.

Every person in this world has a reason to perform some action. If actions are not according to your will then you need to understand the facts behind actions

You don’t know where the shoe pinch and this dialogue is well versed by emotionally intelligent people.  They never judge anyone for doing and instead keep their mind at stake. If someone tries to harm or hurt them instead of giving a spark of aggression they ultimately understand their position and move on.

Indeed,they avoid toxic people instead they live alone. They do not demand neither complaint.Undoubtedly, they are helpful but ask nothing in return. Understanding over judgment saves you from being hurt.

4-They are a big fan of the present

They are a fan of the present and try to make the best of it. Irrespective past incidence and bad experience future anxiousness they never let ruin their present.  They are defensive and always find a way of unwinding problems.

The past is the anchor. You must learn from the past but never let it direct your present. No matter what the pas was about you still have a good time to make things how you want them in life.

Emotionally intelligent people never let past create hurdles in the present. They know the fact past cannot change but the present is in hand. If you one of them then you surely will continuously think about the present, not past or future. They stabilize their emotions according to the present challenge.

5-They know how to Say No

In this conservative judgmental world, one person is at a loss who does not know how to stop someone in making your life toxic. No is a very clear precise and comprehensive answer it doesn’t need any further justification reasons or facts and figures.

Emotionally intelligent people know the power of No and they do not hesitate to say it on the face. If they are unsettled for terms they will surely say on the face. They do not act safe play under the garb of hypocrisy.

A real bitter truth is a thousand times valuable than sweet dense lie or dizzy confusions. They are clear about what they want and how to get in life. But they are transparent honest when it comes to people. They never let anyone control their sphere. Emotionally intelligent people shut judgmental critic and toxic people right outside the door.


The successful people are ones who master their mind and control emotions. They never let feelings to control them. They have practice and a year of meditation. Emotionally intelligent people keep calm even in the wrecked and cursed situation. They use positive perception for ugly angels. They believe if you can control your mind then the world is a tiny particle to control.

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