Double depression is a prolonged state of major depressive disorder. It is medically alright to feel low and lying in bed for a while. But this state of sadness for years can drag you in major depressive disorder and if you simultaneously feel MDD in short intervals then it is called double depression. Medically, symptoms of depression go mild to severe. It depends on the will of a depressed person either he wants to treat himself or not. Often a person of double depression is unable to know his mental disorder. Double Depression is a type of behavioral disorder and trigger by major depressive disorder or MDD. MDD is a feeling of sadness and loss in life activities for a prolonged time.

Double Depression

Double depression has routes of persistent mild depression called dysthymia or MDD. Adults deal with dysthymia for two years while children deal with it for years. Anxiety and depression association of America revealed the fact every year 1.6 million people were diagnosed with double depression. 

These stats are not confirmed as many people are resistant in diagnosis. However, another survey estimated 3.3 million people are diagnosed with depression. Many people who deal with anxiety have also deal with depression. Both are connected and both lead to physical illness. The diagnosis of one mental illness leads to the diagnosis of other behavioral disorders as well.

Double Depression

What Causes Double Depression

Experts are striving to know what causes dysthymia and what are symptoms? How to differentiate if it is a major depressive disorder or double depression because clinically they have the slightest difference? Here are some clinical causes and warning signs that would resolve the mystery.

 The dysthymia has four main causes;

  1. Family History: Depression is in genetics, experts say so. If your grandparents or parents battle depression then you are more likely to have dysthymia or double depression. Depressed person brain has an abnormal flow of mood swings and emotions. When brain chemical serotonin or dopamine is in imbalance then the mind suffered from dysthymia. When dysthymia and depressive illness meet they cause significant damage to the brain and body.
  • Traumatic Event: Traumatic experiences also cause double depression or dysthymia. Post-event stress is like a never-ending video loop that replies incident on repeat. This non ending stress makes your brain suffer from dysthymia. This state causes hopelessness and sadness. You eventually start losing interest in all favorite activities. This prolonged state is the baseline of dysthymia.
  • Stress and Anxiety: Living has a component of stress. If you never feel it then do you even live a life? It is completely ok to be anxious over uncompleted work, failure, ad time but it is not okay to be live there for a long time.  If you are stressed over ups and downs and doing nothing much to sort it out then probably you are going to face double depression. Stress is the root cause of anxiety and anxiety leads to depression. Any mild mental disorder gives birth to other prolong mental illness, severe and deadly.
  • Physical Ailment: A person on prolonging medication is vulnerable to dysthymia. Loss and grief or physical ailment could be the baseline of dysthymia. Loss and grief over the death of loved ones make people weak and vulnerable to mental and behavioral disorders. A prolonged state of mental illness leads to physical ailment and medication to overcome sickness adds fuel to fire.
Double Depression

Signs and Symptoms of Double Depression

If you have double depression then probably your chances to notice mental disorder is fewer than any close friend. Loved ones or friends who have a check on you can notice the slightest difference in mood and actions. True friends are one who notices disturbance before you do, however, here are some signs of dysthymia.

  • A dark depressed mood for a couple of weeks
  • Poor hygiene and disregarding appearance
  • Prolong Restlessness
  • Loss of interest in any life activity
  • Sense of hopelessness and helplessness
  • Overrating or malnutrition
  • Weight changes
  • Disturbance in sleep pattern
  • Fear of losing control
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Lack of self-love and self-care
  • Social isolation

If your friend is having suicidal thoughts or extreme helplessness over life events then take him, psychiatrist, in an emergency. Depression does not need to cost a life.

How double depression Diagnosed?

If you feel things are not quite well for some past time or your friend is showing abnormal behavior then visit the medical team. They would run some lab tests at initial and then a session of question-answer would confirm what kind of depression you are suffering.

Acknowledgment about self-mental ailment would benefit much in treatment. Leave rest to the health care professionals. A series of sessions, often physical tasks and medication would help to reduce double depression eventually. To make confirm your mental ailment, you have to observe your life changes and then visit a doctor.

What is the treatment of double depression?

Antidepressants are drugs that bring imbalance chemical in balance. Dysthymia is often overcome by medication. They improve mood and keep emotions in balance.  Psychotherapy is also a treatment of dysthymia.


You talk about disturbing random thoughts and disturbances caused by overthinking. Series of questions and answers sorted things out. Interpersonal therapies are conducted for trauma and incident. They recognize the pattern of negative thoughts and unconscious fears. You will find tools that would help to cope better with everyday stress.


Double depression is treatable. Do not lose hope. Do not let it drive your nerves. Mental illness is as common as physical illness. Mental disorders are not points of shame. You do not need to hide it. Talk about mental illness to your close friend. He would help you to treat better.

Life is unpredictable and uncertain. Sudden loss, traumatic experience shocking incident can put you in mild mental disorder. However, every behavioral disorder is treatable.  All you need is self-acknowledgment. If your friend is suffering from double depression then take him to a clinical fellow.

No matter what the illness is about, it is always treatable.



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