How to live without the person you love?

At a point, we all have experienced this painful invisible prison. Again and again, the silent memories are playing in the background subconsciously. Letting go of someone you love is the most difficult part of life. But letting go may save you from permanent hurt and damage. So often it is necessary. A point came when you truly understand what happens and why is it important to live without the person you love and next it feels like things are slipped away slowly. You cannot pinpoint one main cause of leaving your love. However in any case you decide that you have to let them go and move on in life.

Cut the contacts

Before anything, cuts the contact it is most important prerequisite. This is a critical part and you may have a dual opinion. It is might possible that you are not ready and courageous to cut all cords.

You cannot move on in life if you keep the person who hurt you at close hand. Delete the number and unfollow all the accounts to forget. Take a new and positive start.

You are not erasing your memory, you are just cutting off the potential to contact the targeted person. It may feel tougher but in next day you would be better and start fading the painful memories.

Be honest with your feeling to let go loved one

The worst thing is to bottle up the things you feel. You may hide under the garb of false supposition. The longer you do, the worst results you get. You need to take an entirely different approach to heal from a bleeding scar.

Face the pain and do not run from it. Allow yourself to be whatever you are feeling and admit what makes you feel uncomfortable. Mind focus on what you make it focus.

If you consistently focus on pain then you might never come out of pain. Life has counted digits. You are not immortal. The best way to live is to spend every moment in a new term.

Forget what has gone. Life has so much to offer you. But before it demanded your consent of moving on.

Stop Fantasizing helps in letting go love one

Stop fantasizing and never repaint the situation. It will only harm. Once you think about memories you may fantasize that they may have changed. But it is not true.

Maybe things could work out this time but it is not true. People do not change you just get used to the toxic content. However in the process of internal healing never think about passed time.

It will only create chaos and disturb your internal peace. False supposition hurt most. Never repaint the person you saw first time. Accept the reality and say fuck no to false imagination. Be conclusive and then take a forward step for a new journey.

This process will help to keep you away from pain. Be ready for these feelings so that you can maintain clarity. It is important to give you a reality check it will explain why healing is important and why you are leaving constant and toxic pain.

Practice Forgiveness

You need to practice forgiveness to sew the issue. When you dig deep and realize the heat of the issue the only thing that acts as a protector shield is forgiveness and practice.

Clean your heart from all grudges and hate. Forget the envoy. It is not always another person’s fault. But sometimes misperception and one-sided autocracy intensify the complications. “I forgive you or my pain is my own” is the best forgiving mantras. Forgiveness is magical.

It offers calmness and patience. It protects you from further wrongdoings. Depending on what happened might take time. If you invest your time to be yourself, listening to what goes in you, and be kind and compassionate with you then it will heal the wound.

Understanding the grieving process to live without love one

Attachment gives happiness likewise detachment gives pain. Much like the death of a loved one, the loss is attached to pain and pain brings grief. Denial, isolation, crying, bargaining, and depression acceptance are all stages of grief. Understand the process.

You would take time to go through this process. Leaving a loved one is not easy. It may drain your productivity temporarily but it must prove beneficial to both hands. Leave a companion if the person is toxic.

End the relationship if it is creating chaos. You are born free and you suppose to live free. Meet new people move on before it gets too late.


Take all the time you need. Show gratitude for all the things you have. Ask positivity. Think positivity. Detachments are not easy. You change when you meet the pain. Love yourself and increase the self -care. Start to live out of the box. Think and act productively. Create a passion for a life goal. Live for a purpose. Take a new start with the new version. Live a life that other would dream.


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