It is a bit surprising you can live without money or job. People do not believe this statement but it is possible to live without job. The context is not mentioning outdoor. It is not either talking about roaming on highways but it is talking about living without a job for a longer time. People live a cashless life. This context may have passed by your eyes many times. Here are stories that reveal people choose this kind of jobless lifestyle of their will, without any force.

A human should not be conclusive about what is possible and what is not. In this world, everything can change, transform, exchange, and replace. However in your country maybe this cashless lifestyle won’t be worth having but people go for what makes them comfortable.

You can adapt some habits that would make you stop being degenerative and you will be able to survive without money. The basic needs are food and shelter to survive, after these two a list of comforts start.

5 Techniques To Live Without Job

You can fulfill basic needs without spending money. The below-mentioned tips will help you in financial instability as well. These would help on rainy days. If you live in an area where peddler and cycling are convenient then you should avoid automobile expenditures. Try not to make a grocery list. Watch YouTube to make lunch from leftovers. Purchase very minute and basic food items. It will teach how to survive in limited, restricted and short food items. Likely go for free entertainment instead of paid cinema or enjoy open-air theater without ticket instead of visiting the museum. Search and reach your accessible source.

Walking and enjoying with a friend is free and enjoyable. Go for public internet and local newspaper instead of using internet devices and paid social media accounts. It is an old saying, necessity is the mother of invention and it is true. Once you know you are in hot water, your inner alarm starts devising ideas to cover adversity. Here are some tips that will help to survive in hardship and trials.

Find Ecovillage to live without Job

Have you heard the name of ecovillage? These are societies of the homeless and needy. Go for ecovillage. When you want to grow, you approach the community of the same people. There are hundreds of ecovillages around the globe and they have the same lifestyle and values. You provide labor force and in return, you get food and shelter. When you decided to grow you approach a community of the same values. The homeless approach is homeless to meet his needs. A community of the same values helps each other by social bonds. Find ecovillage seek their help and start considerable living without money or job.

Free lodging in exchange for work

This is also a technique to maintain considerable living without money or a job. Many places offer free lodging in exchange for work. You must perform the assigned task to get free lodging. Accommodation in exchange for work is not a bad deal. Once you fix the shelter task, you can go for food. This is a cashless residential method. If you are seeking a roof then exchange it for work. At least you will get shelter without paying a penny. Rent is fatal when you are surviving rainy days. Therefore seek shelter in return for work until you do not find financial stability. It is a smart technique to live without money.

Go For Camping To Live Without Job

Head out wild. Go camping. It would be your accommodation. Search a big grassy ground set your camp with the homeless and do work in return for food. Your basic needs food and shelter will meet. Nature gives us shelter and pure foods you just have to reach. If you are wandering without responsibility family pressure and career force then you should not miss the chance of heading out in nature. The man started home in the cave. We are familiar with ever grooming civilization. When your self-will is strong and you are self-sufficient then you can survive in wild, open and pure nature. You should adapt to wildness. Otherwise wake up your caveman, it will guide how to breathe in the wild air.

Build an Earthship to live without money

You may do not have a concept of Earthship, but building one is can be useful. You can live without consuming to make monthly expenditures. This is one technique that delivers you with not only shelter but behaviors to use clean water and solar energy.

Building supplies include beer bottles, car tires, and even Earth. However, it will require cash upfront in instruction to get started with building supplies.

Couchsurfing is an alternative way of discovering lodge while meeting some amazingly hospitable people in the process.

 They will usually provide you with a spare couch or even a spare bedroom for some time.  Occasionally they will offer a meal, as well as any wandering information you may need while you are staying. This may prove to be a given for some people and taking them way outside their luxury level.   

Barter for Everything to live without a job

People who make the choice to live without money; deeply rely upon the exchanging system in interchange for their everyday needs. This includes supplies, foods, modes of transportation, and several things. This is also one way of confirming that nothing is missed and people can afford what they need. 

To save on utilities, you can exchange with neighbors to get the internet for free at home. Bartering is a fair system. You exchange goods for goods or you can exchange services for services. You can wash a dish to take a one-time meal. Or you can clean the house to get free laundry.

The options are immense in bartering. People actually imply them when they face rainy days in life. Financial crises are harder to deal with. They are not impossible hence. Therefore if you are running out of money and you do not know how to find a job then you must go for a bartering system.


Surviving without a job is difficult but manageable. If you are smart and strong you can live without money, the smart techniques will help you on rainy days as well. Barter for everything. Work to get free shelter, and exchange work to get free food. It is trading. Exchange and in return services will help you if you are in financial instability as well as you are on rainy days. In end, go for the community where you belong. Go who already barter and homeless.

 Meet people who head out in nature. Build your community. The rest of the journey would be easy. Ups and downs are part of life. You cannot escape them but you can manage them with smarter techniques. Finance management helps in personal and professional life. Think about how you can rely maximum on nature and minimum on manmade resources. Shorten the necessaries go for necessities.


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