How to prevent Coronavirus from reaching home is a question asking by the audience with fear and worry.

This epidemic started in November from small city Wuhan China. No one imagined this outbreak will engulf thousands of lives and would shake the economy of the world—coronavirus outbreak associates with SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome. Symptoms are different in public. The commonly observed symptoms are running nose and sore throat that leads to lung s damage in severe cases.  Two age groups are mainly attacked by the influenza virus, the old and young. Both age groups are immune-compromised. Everyone is wondering how to prevent Coronavirus before it knocks at the door. 

The world has been locked down. Hence, every economic sector is facing crises. Each state is facing deadly consequences because this outbreak isn’t stopping anywhere. World Health Organization has stated that social distancing is only possible answer of how to prevent coronavirus. Therefore lock down for practice of social distancing is implementing everywhere.

Further, States has issued partially or complete curfew depending on their economic situations. This curfew is dragging low income class in adversity. Coronavirus outbreak COVID-19 and lack of food are alarming about harmful consequences globally. We, as humans, should demonstrate responsibility and must acknowledge people about Coronavirus (COVID-19). An attitude of negligence and irresponsibility can affect hundreds of people out there. Italy and America are demonstrations for a negligence attitude.

How to prevent Coronavirus:

Coronavirus causes flu and respiratory syndrome in severe cases. Prevention are as same as in any cold flu. A life with precautions is much better than an experience with treatments. Precautions not only in health but also in any dimension are equally necessary. Here are some tips that can prevent you from the attack of (COVID-19)

  •  Practice social distancing
  • Stop touching mouth and nose
  • Wash your hands at intervals
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Wear a mask when you go out (if necessary)
  • Use sanitizer and mask on public platforms

Coronavirus and Natural foods

Natural foods can boosts up immunity and enhance the quality of life. Lifestyle terms is discussed in a broad sense when we analyze different aspects of life. Natural and unprocessed food has major nutrition elements. Natural foods are helpful for the proper functioning of the body. Sound health always comes up with healthy food. A sound mind and body enjoy every sphere of life.

“Health is wealth.”

Good health comes up with a sound diet. Exercise and a clean diet can build your immune system against Coronavirus. They are also prevention against coronavirus in addition to social distancing.

Some immunity-enhancing foods against Coronavirus;

Citrus Fruits and Green vegetable against coronavirus

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamins and fibers.  Limes, orange lemons are not only lavish in eating but also helpful in boosting immunity, prevention of cancer, and lowering the chances of kidney stones. They enhance the production of white blood cells, which are the first-line defender against foreign invasion. Green vegetables are useful in prevention coronavirus.  Low processed green vegetables act as a stimulator for the production of immune cells. Spinach and rest of green leafy food is the healthiest source of prevention against night blindness and acne.

Garlic, Ginger and Green Tea against coronavirus

These three G is commonly available and excessively used in home remedies. All possess some characteristic, and that is antioxidant property. Therefore,they work sound against foreign attacks by boosting immunity. A good immune system is always rich in mature immune cells. Garlic and Ginger are used in cooking for flavors. Their embellishment in food enhances the texture and taste. Green teas are naturally available herbs and also the healthiest hot drink. Undoubtedly,this herb boiled water is a recommended source against coronavirus. Indeed,it also makes skin healthy and gloomy. Skin is the first line of defense against foreign invasion, and green tea plays best its role in healing the skin.

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Life is giving us a second chance to think about how we should live on earth. Unfortunate are those who died by Coronavirus, but the poor unfortunate is one who not ready to learn from the present situation. If you have family, food and roof then you are lucky. You must adapt the responsible approach to lifestyle. Life and time do not offer many chances. Whenever they offer, we must accept them. A good healthy lifestyle with a responsible attitude is the most substantial preventive measure against coronavirus outbreak. 

Am I right?



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