How to recover emotional breakdown and grief, especially at the time when finance and academics are also not going well.

Indeed, life is full of ups and downs, thick and thin. People come and go. Our intensive attachment can drag us into pain and grief. Undoubtedly, no one is here to stay forever. But we are not ready to accept this fact. Therefore, our expectation and hopes damage us… The worst part is when some dear person leaves us at the moment when we need them most. How to recover emotional breakdown is explaining all question a grieving person asks. These are top 5 quotations will make you understand no pain is mean to permanent every pain come in life to teach us.

How emotional breakdown affects mentally and physically?

Emotions are heavy and have a direct link with mind and heart. When you are going through heartbreak, then the very first thing that attacks you is anxiety. The anxiety causes difficulty in breathing and nausea. Both affect your daily life routine. Heartbreak affects your social interaction and professional dimensions. You are not ready to do anything and about lose hope and faith. Pain is always sharp and deeper than joy. Therefore, it takes more effort to get a ride over heartbreak.

Top 5 Positive quotes to recover emotional breakdown:

These top 5 quotes will spark your soul. Sometimes we need nothing, but right words. The best therapy is right and sound words to make you heal.

1.The most important thing is to look ahead, past is your anchor.

The only area you can control is present. You can make it better. Anxious thought and negative attitude will not help you in living a positive life. The best thing is to learn from mistakes. Pain no more stay once you learn what it means to. Bad experiences from the past are best teachers. You must listen to them what grief is saying. Life is short. You must redirect it by teaching a lesson that the past has offered you

2.Hold on the love, not the loss.

Let’s say you loved a person with all heart, but he left. Heartbreak is paving the way for pain and grief. Anxiety is surrounding you. Stress is covering like the sky on the head. But then you remember, you have people who love you. Never think about who left always think who stayed? A sense of gratitude and ray of hope will help you in passing emotional breakdown.

3.Remember the time you thought you never could survive? You did, and you can do it again

You remember the time when things are not going well, and you thought about how you are going to survive. This time you thought same. Just consider a fact for a moment, no matter how much life gets harsh and brutal at the end, it will reward you. The moon shines in darkness and rainbow appears in clouds. The best part is pain is temporary in the same way as happiness. You must have the courage to accept every aspect of life.

4.The mountains that you are carrying, you were one only suppose to climb.

Divine never put you in risk that you cannot bear. The emotional breakdown is happening to you because you are supposed to bear pain with patience and hope. Consider all the good things that happened and still happening in life. Make a list and develop a sense of gratitude. One bad situation cannot destroy all good ones. A bad day will leave, and pain will go. It is just a matter of time

5.The only way to kill the worst is to create the best

Harshness speaks for sweetness and best for worst. If you want to erase bad moments, then create the best one. This is the best therapy for emotional breakdown and pain. Overthinking will cause stress and anxiety. Get up and go outside. Make the best moment with the people you have. God has given you friend and family. Move on and make life worth living.


Move one is the best advice you offer to someone. The best revenge is no revenge, and the best antidote for pain is smile and more kindness toward people. Forgive those who did bad and live a happy life with a bright soul. Positive attitude and sense of gratitude will design heaven once you get over pain…

Am I right?


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