In this world, we have a lot to see, a lot to hear and a lot to feel. And the remaining thing belongs to all these is expressing or speaking about it. If we see precious and strange things, we want to speak opinion, if we hear about something good or bad then some of us want to share it with other fellow and some of us stat speaking opinion and arguments also. In short, all body wants to speak opinion about happening around us. But there is some question Are all people speak and share their opinion? Is everybody give their opinions? If they do so are they giving with a lot of arguments, either in a good way or in a bad way? What is an opinion? And are the people give their opinion without argument? Is opinion with arguments called a fight? By reading some of worthy suggestions you will learn how to express opinion without getting into fight.

The opinion can be maintained by facts and principles, in this case it becomes an argument. Simply it’s a view or judgment made about something, not certainly created on fact or knowledge. It refers to the term vision. Talking about one’s opinion is one of the most difficult things for many people. Defenses often start to rise when you speak. It can be hard to speak what you think without arguing, but any type of relationship needs to practice it. An argument is a disagreement between two or more people, but it can also be an evidence-backed statement.

Are arguments and fight count equally?

The importance of describing your thoughts and feelings should not be underestimated. An argument is a change of opinion, but there may be fundamental respect for each other. The two terms are often used interchangeably, but in reality they differ. The subject is a “victory” after the war and the fight comes from one place that aims to hurt and anger another, and the goal is to be fair about something.

While you have a current argument, the goal is to express yourself, to be heard, and to learn what needs are not being met, so that you can resolve your conflict in a way that feels heard and understood you.

9 ways to speak opinion with without arguments.

So, you could develop your perspective on the content. You could strengthen your argument to disagree. But perhaps too often, respect falls on the side of the road. Because it would be clear on all. We often have to have difficult conversations about troubling things with which we disagree to find solutions, especially with family, partners, and close friends.

And we want to say our opinion but without arguments, so here are 9 ways to say an opinion without arguments.

1-Don’t switch to a different issue

It is difficult to attach to one problem when discussing it because thoughts change in a couple of seconds, but it is important not to jump to different topics. If you are angry about something the person is doing, don’t start yelling at everything he is doing wrong in life.

This emotion only puts the person on defense. And don’t start pulling his legs. Give examples of a thing on a topic that bothers you. You don’t want the other person to get trap in the void of all the things you just said to him. Face one problem at a time, because nobody can change you if you don’t want to change it. So relax, with this nobody feels overwhelmed or personally attacked.

2-Give respect of a front person

While giving an opinion you should take care of the respect of the front person, in return, you will take respect from him. Even if you don’t like the other person’s actions or beliefs, respect them. It will create a positive impression on others. You need to let them talk and sit down to listen.

If you want a better answer from them, be respectful of the way you handle them. If you don’t want to disagree, you need to make them understand that you are willing to listen. They may not respect your opinion, but follow the path and listen to your own.

3-Start conversation with an understanding

Instead of saying what you think about their thinking, you should acknowledge their point of view by saying yes, I understand that you want to say, I kind of agree with you and then explain why you disagree, but if we do, we will have more benefits. And focus on what problem you need to solve. This will build trust and a good environment in difficult conversations

4-Look for things quickly where you agree

The purpose of expressing an opinion is to build understanding and learning for all parties, without fighting each other. This means that there is nothing to lose. The constructive approach is to be curious and try to understand. You can do this by finding areas of agreement rather than disagreement. The conversation is like the hearts of those present. Listening to the good ear.

Listen to what makes sense about what the person has just said instead of hearing wrong and negative.

5-Speak with gentle behavior.

If you are upset on someone, so don’t be harsh on them. Speak politely, and control your behavior and your anger. This will leave a positive impact about your personality on others. Don’t use harsh words like fake and lazy. You will be counted as a strong person when you control anger.

6-Ask questions, and listen to others.

Produces some flexibility in your personality. Take more people in. Don’t make a speech. Have a discussion. Ask them about their ideas. You may think that you started with the changes linked to what you heard. Create a dialogue that shows your interest in the ideas of others and let them know they are listening.

7-Don’t think you met with a negative response while giving opinion

Part of the problem advises that face struggle while expresses your views. To be honest, most people jump for this purpose, because they have experience in expressing their feelings, in a fight or an argument. But when you imagine that something is going wrong then you are preparing to go wrong. When people expect a fight, they should avoid expressing negative emotions until they can no longer restrain them.

8-Speak less but effective

Remember you are giving the best dialogue. Dialogue means you interact with each other, point by point, but effectively and precisely. Agree with some of the ideas of others, then add something in response to the opinion. Take a breath after saying something, instead of point-to-point plowing. It helps on both sides, it means that your understanding feels real, and conversely, that they are also ready to listen.

9-Think before giving opinion

Before opening your mouth for an opinion, decide if it’s worth sharing. If you need a serious opinion, go ahead but without arguments. Think wisely. If you do not know, but everyone is angry afterward, then stop. You can’t always change someone else’s point of view. If you only have a conversation to delete disorder, it’s not worth fighting for.


You don’t have to increase a fight or create anger and make a lot of arguments if you want to express your opinion. You can hear without shouting. All kinds of discussions must be organize. The only way to be successful as a person, companion, or businessman is to have positive opinions without using harsh words. Practice these tips regularly to keep your expressions productive and healthy.

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