Tips How to spend Quarantine time? It is a spot of wonder bubbling in everyone mind nowadays. The best part is the world altogether is facing a first-time lock down. Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has limited the activities of people. They cannot move freely by the terror that the influenza virus has parked in us. Everyone is wondering how to spend Quarantine time by staying at home. Social gatherings, chattering parties, long drive and all kind of institutes are facing lock down. This toxic species of virus gave the whole world time to think about what we need to do and how to spend quarantine time without people and formal work?

How to Spend Quarantine with Lifestyle Tips:

“You are judged by action you do and categorize by words you say.”

1. Reading suggestion for readers, change your taste;

Free time at home produces a bubble about activities and the schedule. Reading is a sensible solution for a book worm. It is a door to exploring the kingdom. Words always get shortage whenever I talk about knowledge and self- learning. Anyhow, I will try to make the best summary of how reading is useful in daily life. Reading enhances the skill of adaptability and acceptability. Accepting of facts and figures can create easiness in life. The opinions and experience of a senior writer can make us agree with our life happening and confusions. Reading enhances the vision.

If you are a reader, always search for a new taste and develop it. Because every phase of life demands improvements in you. Never keep the book reading taste old and same. Try new work, surely a diverse one. Knowledge is nothing but knowing about your inner ignorance. Learning always belongs to you. This helps in boarding vision and assists in finding the solution of the conservative question. Human is a universe, and a journey of exploration and development never ends

2. Explore your secret talent and polish it;

The Divine has designed us all discreetly and uniquely. All are unique and beautiful in their ways, but human nature around the world is the same. Off course, it is a sense of struggle for survival. Anyhow, we all have our core factors. But this unique spot of focus fades away in a social and busy life. A wise and sharp is one who explores it on time and keeps polishing it. Before outbreak (COVID-19) life was so busy, and we weren’t able to have free time. But now, all in all, we are open. We must utilize free moments for exploring our secret talents.

All we have to do is an exploration of secret talent and polishing it unless we don’t fell satisfaction. This is the best time God has given us to think about what we have to with this world. An in-depth focus on soul will help you out in finding your secrets. Your talent is hiding somewhere subconsciously in your mind. A little attention will torch it. If you find it then keep polishing. Perfection comes with practice. Free time is the best opportunity to polish it by introducing more creativity in your secret talent.

3. Adopt a skill in case if you are unable to achieve the above two;

It is okay if you are not a reader and do not know about your inner core qualities. The best part is human has large flexibility for adoption. If you are willing to spend the productive time you then you can adopt a skill. What you need to do is just picking up any random skill and tries to work on it. Keep watching all self -learning videos. This is the era of technology and internet. You can find out anything in any corner of the world with the help of internet. You must use this power to utilize time. These three are recommended life tips to spend free time in lock down by productive and valuable manners.


How to spend a quarantine time?

How to spend free time in lockdown?

What do we need to do in spare moments?

Above three questions are excessively ask by an audience these days. You must think and work for the stuff you always want to do. But laborious work of daily routine did not allow you. This is the best free time to learn and enhance your personal development. Utilize it in best possible ways. May be in next life you are not able to have such a free massive time for yourself.

Am I right?



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