Crying is the expression of grief. We face numerous events, we cannot control tears such as sad movies, funerals, heartbreaks and failures. All sad events share one coming thing, Pain. Different people express the pain in different manners. But how to stop crying if you don’t want to cry in public? There are simple techniques to stop crying. Crying is good and bad. It detoxes your body but meanwhile causes confusion and embarrassment. You can learn with time and practice how to stop crying?

How to stop crying in Public?

All-time crying may make you feel weak and you may think for a second people don’t take you seriously which is not true. Crying is good if you relief pain but shedding tears on little things may cause a disturbance in life. This situation reveals you are unable to cope with problems and feel helpless for challenges.

If there is a situation you stand in public and have to face a challenge or bear bad news you must need to look strong. But eyes are full in tears. Then how you will make them stop? How will be you calm in a group of people and cannot express grief?

Here are some techniques to stop crying,

  1. To redirect the focus, raises your head so tears will touch eyelid and would not roll down. Take a breath and it will stop your tears.
  2. To deviate the attention pinch on the skin between thumb and point finger.
  3. Sciences says if you want to look confident act like confident, stretch your muscles so relief can take over pain and brain feel strong.
  4. Change your facial expression from tense to natural. It will lessen brain activity and will stop crying. Be confident and strong while interacting with someone else. More the natural facial expressions more you feel relax.
  5. If you are weak in covering challenging and hatred situation then you must take step back physically.
  6. Take a deep breath, exhale slow, this will give you enough oxygen to make body cells stress free.
  7. Blink rapidly if you start shedding tears, it will reduce the feeling of stress and anxiety.
  8. Do not blink if you feel you are about to cry. It will prevent rolling down of tears on the face.
  9. Change your thoughts; change the vibes you are getting from the surrounding. Think about good life incidents it will make you stress relief for a while.

Some facts about crying you must know;

Crying is an emotion to express grief as we laugh to express joy. But if you cry too much, then you are probably under stress. This situation can drag you into depression and can reduce your productivity. All-time crying will leave a bad impact psychologically and physically. You can reduce stress to reduce crying.

Stress relief techniques will strengthen stamina to bear challenges. it will also help to stop crying.

1-The reason for grief.

Some reasons make you cry. Your loss, dear one’s loss, or job termination news, death news. Any sad news can fill eyes with tears. But too much crying isn’t normal. Therefore you must know the actual reason for grief and try to resolve it.

2- Lessen your life commitments

Life goes around preferences and commitments. Hence commitments make your head stressful and you start crying over little things. To stop crying and reduce the stress you must lose some commitment. Take life easy. Everything meant to be on time hence rushing doesn’t take you anywhere.

3-Ask for help

If stress is elevating than you must go for professional help. A better advice with medication makes your mind light. Life is hard and you cannot fight alone the whole life. You need support and guidance. Best guidance comes from family and friends but if they are not available you must visit a psychiatrist or psychologist for a better remedy.

4- Find a hobby

A hobby is any action that makes soul soothe as well as gives true pleasure. They are different hobbies book reading, writing gardening, coin collecting photography, and many more. You need to choose one according to temperament. It will deviate attention from stress to relaxation. It is a productive task that engages the human brain in creation instead of overthinking

5- Reorganize lifestyle

The depressive disorder may attack you because of poor diet and poor lifestyle. A healthy meal makes you stress-free. Natural quality food makes the body and mind strong. A scheduled routine mold you in punctual active obedient human being. A mess life is the worst life. Messy surroundings fill your mind with chaos.

Concluding remarks:

How to stop crying if situations are not suitable? Well, some simple techniques and expert advice help you to stop crying. Shedding tears under stress is usual but too much shedding tears indeed is unusual therefore if you notice continuous pain of loss or helplessness you must go to expert person. He will redirect life as well as make you understand how to cope with depressive disorders.



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