Excuses are temporary escape from a giving challenge. As a human, we are fantastic at catching up excuses instead of act on. Making excuses consider as bad and people offering excuses as lazy and coward. But, it is not right all the time.There are two types of excuses; one the priority-based and the other one is habitual. Priority-based excuses are not bad like I’ll make an excuse for friends to get together if my academic work is more important to me. But to be habitual of making excuses is worst because;

 “Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.”

George Washington Carver

  • I can’t do it right now, will start it tomorrow.
  • Time is  going no where I will accomplish task.

Such kind of sentences can ruin your future. Once we procrastinate a project it will continue to be a delay on, and in the end, we left with no time. And at such times it is very easy to point out others as the reason. But it is one of the weak points of one’s personality. In reality, it might be a willpower that is the reason but there can be many other ones. But if willpower is not in your direct control, then claiming willpower as a solution is not going to work.

Building self-discipline is all about putting an end to excuses. For a better lifestyle, you have to face the troublesome instead of making excuses. Only untiring efforts can make you successful in life. If you do not start the walk on the road, you will never reach on destination. Stand up, leave your comfort zone, and go after your goals.

Reasons behind the excuses

Why we often make excuses when we encounter any challenge or obstacle??

Lack of willpower

Willpower is the major booster that motivates you to achieve your goal. Lack of confidence will conceal your capabilities. It is the major obstacle inputting your 100pc to achieve your goal. It always pushes you back and leads to an inferiority complex. When you don’t have confidence in yourself and your abilities then it will develop uncertainty in you. Uncertainty about the upcoming future, what will happen in the next future? What will be the result of this decision? May I achieve this goal? All of these questions create a mess in your mind.

 But this problem can subjugate by the continuous practice of your work. Start from less and gradually you will get full command of your subject. Ignore the negative vibes and always watch the background of any successful person, his hardships from which he passes, and finally reached on his destination.

Fear of failure

Failure is bitter but the reality of life. It is unavoidable. It is inevitable that once or twice in life one has to face the failure. It is part and parcel of life. It is not necessary that you will win what you have chosen. 

So, whenever you try something new or take a risk there is a chance that you will fail

One thing that can help you to overcome your fear of failure is by taking failure as a lesson not the end of life. As it is said; Failure is the mother of success.

Comparison with others

Comparisons between people are a recipe for unhappiness unless you are the best in the world. And it seems impossible because no one in this can be perfect. Comparison to the person you think is better than you just lead you to self-destruction mode. Every person has his own strength and weaknesses. 

So, one should focus and work on one’s strengths and not focus on others. Life is about becoming a better version of yourself. Work hard on your strengths and weaknesses and gradually upgrade yourself. No matter what your coworkers are doing. They are doing their own duty you should do your own.

Thinking  about the lack of resources

There can never be anything perfect in any situation. You are the person who himself has to turn the situation according to your own will.

You choose what you spend your money on.  Prioritize one thing and then spend all your energies, time, and money on that. Organize the things and work according to it.

The peril of making excuses:

Why we consider excuse-making is bad?? It will keep you on the same old path and you will never step on the road of your journey.

“Excuses lead to a failure in reaching your full potential”

It will prevent your mental growth. You can never accept any challenge in your life. Instead, you will just cry on the difficulty of things.

“Excuses will make you regret “the road not taken”

In the next future there only remain regrets. You don’t want to look back into past life full of feelings of “I wish”.

If you do work instead of making excuses, you will be glad that you tried at least.

How to avoid making excuses  

To get rid of excuse-making habit there are some ways to identify and get back on track.

Believe in yourself

Believe is the power that assures you of attaining your purpose. With the firm belief in yourself, you can overcome any problem. Either you have the tendency of facing the problem or not but, with the key to believing you can unlock any lock of bewilderment.

Believe plays a major rule in either you achieve what you want in your life. Remember the things and achievements that you have done in the past, it will encourage you that you can.

Break large uncomfortable steps into smaller ones.

When you don’t want to step out of your comfort zone you make excuses. You try to justify your excuse that it’s not comfortable to go forward. But if you want a speaker then you have to come on stage and speak loud in front of a large audience. Laziness also suggests you make excuses. What results is a failure.

To come out of such a situation try to start your work at a low level. If you can’t talk in front of a large audience then deliver your speech in front of a few friends. This will warm you and encourages you and one day you will definitely get up on stage and can speak.

Be responsible/ take responsibility

To achieve success in life you have to take responsibility for all your dealings you did. Take the responsibility for your achievements and the things you fail to do. Stop blaming others for your deeds. For achieving any goal you have to do hard work, have to suffer the problems. Learn to focus on the things you can control, it will become very easy to encounter the wrong situations.

Be responsible and take responsibility for your goals and spend your maximum time and effort in achieving that. By this, you will never regret it at the end and will not blame others.

Expect challenges

When you start any new project or take a risk in any business there many challenges that are in wait of yours. It’s like salt in meal, without it life will become boredom. Don’t lose hope if you face a challenge on your way but face it bravely and wisely.


If there is a tricky task and you have to lead it but your mind instead of productivity creating excuses then you have to observe intentionally what possible reasons are.

Find the problem it is a lack of confidence, lack of skill or lack of management then find a feasible solution. A person’s instincts always tell the truth, therefore instead of avoiding the truth, embrace your flaws, and find suitable answers. Work on them and lead a productive life.


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