Lying is a choice

A person tells, white lie or bad one, it depends on the situation.  Lying isn’t beneficial in any situation and it even put you in trouble more. If a person caught lying then a relationship could end or could terminate from a job or even he could send to jail. A bitter truth is better than sweet lie. You should never lie because it causes only havoc in life not immediately but for sure after time lapses. FBI considers as the best investigating department when it comes to seizing a criminal for lying. Here are some tactics that FBI agent Mark Bouton FBI, age 30 told;

There are a number of facial expressions and associated reactions that could indicate someone is lying to you, he says some are caused nervousness some are caused by chemical reactions and others are by the physical reaction” 

But before you proceed, it is important to know how that specific person acts on the normal questions.

Before you caught the lie, make little conversation so you can know how he normally acts. The difference in behaviors can do a lot.

Some indicators if someone is laying

The lie is art. And some are really good artist but however keen observation over liars can make them caught. Here are some signs and indicators that would help in catching the liar.

Quick rolling down of eyes

If a person feels danger or uncomfortable like in harassment or animal adversary he shows restlessness and starts moving eyes back and forth. This is true as well for lying situation. Watch closely to the suspect’s movement of eyes. Rolling out eyes is an escape route from an uneasy situation.

Rapid blinking

A person blinks eyes 5 to 6 times per minute. But a psychological condition like schizophrenia has higher blinking rates. Rapid blinking can save you crying in public but except grief, blinking of eyes is an indicator of lying.

If you are speaking to someone and he is quickly blinking within no time then it is for sure a confirmed suspect. Blinking of eyes is a physical gesture when you are unconsciously feeling danger.

Liar close his eyes for more than 1 second

If a person is suspect and he is continuously lying then for sure he will close his eyes for more than one second. A liar needs time to rearrange his mental scenarios. Closing eyes for a second is a defensive mechanism and a safe escape route from an uncomfortable situation.

Pay attention to the direction they look

  • They may look at the right up
  • They may look at right down
  • A liar may directly be looking in right directly

These are possible directions that a liar can look at. If he is not looking in your eyes but in some other direction while speaking than probably your suspect is right.

Fake smile

Fake smile has nothing to do with eyes expression. There is a huge difference in a genuine smile and a fake one. It is a natural instinct and you can judge instantly how much person is speaking the truth and how much he is adding lie.

Face touching

Face touching while speaking is another indicator of lying. If a suspect is touching his hair or face and has a hesitation in eyes that person is lying. Nature has designs the best detectors in us for lie and deception. You can catch lie instant but you need a watchful sight.


A liar no matter how master in his art always leaves a suspicion. Indicators and signs of the liar are visible when you pay close attention. Never trust in words but on actions. Actions speak the truth.

No matter how much brutal and harsh actions are, accept their actuality and, never repaint them with sugar-coated perception. 


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