This is the era of evolutionary and revolutionary sciences. Technologies are tangling with human abilities. 21st century is offering us broad vision, analytical and critical thinking with ever-growing technology development. Epigenetic is the most interesting science of the 21st century.  Our lifestyle influences epigenetics. It reveals the hidden facts about our genetic or DNA. Epigenetics tells us we do not have command over gene selection but we can control their functionality. Epigenetics tells a connection between environment and genes as well as it gives a hope to avoid inflammation and encourage healthy longevity.

Let’s say genes have dimmer. We can make them up and high or low and down. Our lifestyle has a major contribution to the gene’s functionality.

People are more powerful psychologically and physiologically than how they actually took themselves.

You have no choice over DNA selection in your body. It is pure destiny, what genes will express dominance. But how will they precede further depends on human and his environment.

Epigenetic studies our DNA or genes. It elaborates on genes and the environment that talk to each other. An assumption of genes beyond human bid has evaporated now.

You can empower yourself by taking advantage of epigenetics. Here are three simple way in epigenetics that can deactivate bad genes;

  1. Mind
  2. Muscles
  3. Mouth

Your thoughts have an important factor in triggering inflammation. Many science surveys have shown that your body act as your brain thought. 

If you do exercise or meditation, it enhances mindfulness and lowers the risk of inflammation. Inflammation in the human body is the base of all diseases. Have you noticed a connection between thoughts and genes? Have you ever thought your functionality of genes could be according to your own thoughts?

Epigenetics reveals a secret connection between thoughts and DNA.  Your healthy thoughts make functions genes healthy and healthy genes make you stay stronger. If you want to turn off bad genes then firstly turn off bad thoughts.

Now the second is the muscle part. A science survey recorded observation over people who have high obesity genes expression. Science survey made them walk one hour per day. After 6 months, obesity genes expression was decreased by 40 percent.

The more you walk, the more your body sends a script of healthy genes instead of obesity genes. It is your life activities that send work code to the expression of genes. Exercise will reduce obesity gene expression and enhance reduce fat expression. Work out is essential for strengthening muscles. Stronger the muscle, stronger life.

And the mouth with a good diet also turns off bad genes. Cook your healthy food instead of preparing in a microwave oven. Diet has a crucial factor in deciding how many years you are going to live.

If you want to enjoy longevity then take a healthy, fresh and organic diet. Healthy meals enhance the expression of good digestion genes and reduce cell stress that in return lowers the risk of any inflammation.

Human connections also decide what genes expression will turn on and which bad genes need to deactivate.

A strong bond with loved ones and clear vision in life goals enhances positivity and maintain gratitude toward life. Smile every morning so at the end of the day you can say to yourself, you did well.

Show kindness to people, be someone’s stress-buster. Making someone smile can reduce their expressions of inflammatory genes.

Epigenetics and lifestyle work together. They are not separated.

Epigenetics can be changed artificially but it is different than mutation in genes.

Second World War when people were dying from hunger and starvation, the rest was able to love by just eating 500 calories. The upcoming generations were at great risk of depression. It shows trauma can trigger bad genes and can cause inflammation in the body.

When we talk about epigenetics, we actually talk about the power to choose how to live long and live well.


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