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How toxic relationships influence our creativity.


How toxic relationships influence us psychologically and leave an adverse impact on productivity and creativity. How do to know you are in a toxic relationship? What are the sign and symptoms of toxic relationships? How to say no to toxic relationships? Indeed, all of the above questions are covered by the same sphere. 


A relationship is a bond between two people. Nothing is complete and perfect in this world, and the same applies when it comes to people and their bond with each other. A room of betterment is always there—a good and sound relationship founded on care love and respect. The most durable bond is one that both can communicate in clear and fluent manners. This is important is a relationship that one knows the art of talk, and others know the art of listening. Relationships face ups and downs, thick and thin. But your focus and attention on the partner make it healthy.

Toxic relationship

Toxic relationships consider as bad and unhealthy psychologically and physiologically. They leave an adverse impact on the human brain and body. Abusive attitude damages humans emotionally and cages confidence, peace, and happiness. Verbal and physical violence scares the soul and body. The emotional breakdown is more rooted and sharper than physical wounds. We must be careful and observant of a relationship when it is likely to get a toxic one.

What are the signs and symptoms of toxic relationships?


A bad relationship has signs and symptoms in the same manner as a disorder has. You can check whether you are in a healthy and sound relationship or suffering from a toxic one.

  • You are in a toxic relationship if it doesn’t give you happiness and peace but offers a sphere of emptiness.
  • The toxic relationship has a lack of communication that fills it with negativity, rage, and anxiousness.
  • Partners do not trust neither they show respect.
  • Partners in a bad relationship are hostile and have uncertainty, judgment, and challenges 
  • Lack of acceptance can drag them in a superiority complex
  • Partners feel discomfort and uneasiness
  • Harsh and bitter communication, abusive language and physical violence are extreme signs of toxic relationsip.

How toxic relationships influence us psychologically and affect our creativity.

Toxic relationships

Bad relationship affects human brain poorly. Our brain generates emotions and thinking. The human brain performs imaginative and creative chores. However, toxic relationships can make brain lean and idle. Continuous stress is bad for creativity and productivity. Imagination to create anything needs space and relaxation. If you are suffering from a toxic relationship, then your brain muscles would be loaded with negativity and would unable to generate creation. The human brain with negative energy is capable of producing negative thoughts, uneasiness, and anxiety. All of them affect the muscular functions of the body. Lean and feeble muscles are unable to perform a normal function. Therefore extraordinary stuff as creativity for the thin mind is an unlikely thing.

How toxic relationships fill us with doubt and anxiety?

Toxic relationships

Emotional breakdowns compel to doubt on your personality. Our confidence, peace, and originality start fading. Lack of acceptance and continuous judgment fill every inch of the brain with anxiety and doubt. We start doubting our capabilities and likely to fell inferiority complex. Differences of opinion among distinct elements are a natural phenomenon, but some of us are unable to understand this fact. People start abusive when they prefer a personal approach over logic. Imprisoning your thoughts and speech is like a poison to the soul. Once your soul is dead, no matter how many years you live, indeed, you count dead. A soul of doubt and anxiety due to bad relationships create uncolored and bleached life.

How to say No to Toxic relationship.

Toxic relationships
  • Always try to improve and make betterment with a consultation. Never leave your partner in the first place.
  • Before ending any toxic relationship, remember its good point, but if still, it is taking your peace than leave it.
  • Remember your self-worth
  • Always remember you are not wrong but different
  • Enjoy your individuality
  • People in life or life in people, you must choose
  • Try to communicate clearly, but if it does not work out you must move on
  • Sometimes holding hurt you than letting go
  • Right people with right time will come in life; you must not lose hope and must not compromise on subjects you deserve
  • You get a life once; a toxic relations should not allow draining spark and hope


Bad relationship affects mentally and physically. It influences creativity and productivity. Patience and acceptance are ground pillars of relationships, but sacrificing self- worth is not a thoughtful gesture. You should not allow anyone to influence your peace and happiness. Always try to command emotions. A wild emotional person is at high risk of destruction. Always take notice of objects that affect creativity. Diminishing of creativity and relaxation are the first signs of toxicity in life. Spend a quarter of time alone and analyze room can we make improvements and betterment. Make choice and decision wisely.

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