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More than a year passed since the World Health Organization stated Covid-19 a pandemic. Every corner of the world lived through lockdowns. Many made a quick shift to work from home; millions lost their jobs. The future is uncertain. The second wave of coronavirus just busted in the UK and fewer cases are reporting but according to reports, the second wave of coronavirus is 75% more dangerous than the first one. We do not know either if our societies might return to normal or what kind of impact the pandemic is going to leave. People do work from home since the pandemic started. All institutions are closed. Work from home brought zoom exhaustion as well as some immense benefits. Work from home is a blessing in disguise. Read the full article; how work from home is eco-friendly.

We asked entrepreneurs, private forums, and government employees about how is it beneficial to work from home? One of the fora emailed and answered exclusively, they said;

A survey of the private forum about “Work from Home”

“Well, here comes our story. We are a Software Company with the most professional and skilled eligible staff. Before the pandemic, each of us was pro in handling uncertainty, crises, and challenge. But pandemic lockdown made us look at the aspect of our company, we actually never noticed.

With every misery, comes an opportunity. Like the rest of the people, our company staff was afraid of the new normal. At beginning of the pandemic, we started work from home. Here are some amazing facts that I would definitely like to share with audience. We enjoy (65%) more work from home. Additionally, our staff (62%) have more time to work on their jobs.

We surveyed our company staff and the statistics were amazing; our staff enjoys the flexibility of a remote job (64%); 61% of staff said they enjoy the relaxed dress and grooming. Other reasons cited by company employees were; control of the environment (59%), fewer work politics (38%), no frustrating workmates (36%), and lesser disruptions (34%).

Our company participated in the virtual market than the physical one. We got a chance to connect with the world via chatbots. Online conferences, virtual seminar, zoom meeting, and remote employer hiring were new but interesting shifts. Firstly we all trying hard to survive the business but then with acceptance of the new normal, we found our business thriving. Our company got a chance to connect with new brains in the software community. We handled social media and all digital platforms quite well that led us to immense client and employee ratio”

Some benefits of Working from Home

But we noticed if you want your company’s remote work to be successful, employer’s demands the right equipment and other support. Let employees get work done without supervision. You should do company set up properly and observed that remote work has immense benefits:

Staff required less time on the road. Commuting by a vehicle linked to increased anxiety, pollution, and breathing problems.  The company calculated greater productivity. National and international companies found that employers were 13 percent more resourceful than their office-based peers.

At least we all can give a guarantee in lockdown our company did not participate in global warming. We got a chance to reduce pollution and increase the clear environment. The companies were more satisfactory during the lockdown than working in the physical world. Before the pandemic, the employee often make excuses for sickness but in remote work, administration got less sickness leave. Remote work, thoroughly, kept employer safe from communicable disease. A healthy body needs a healthy mind to perform well. Before the pandemic, private forum wasn’t as efficient as it was in lockdown. Employers have time for fitness.

We realized in pandemic lockdown that the world is changing from physical to virtual. There are virtual markets, online pages to sell products, chatbots to connect with customers, zoom conferences calls. Your laptop is your office instead of the formal typical office structure that we use to imagine. This is a new normal and we are glad our people did well in adapting and flourishing the new normal instead of denying and resisting it.

Bottom Line

Work from home is a blessing under the garb of misery. People were exhausted and made lame excuses while going in person but now they are in the home, do work efficiently, and perform well. The productivity of companies is increasing. People are adopting new normal. It was strange and cuffed in the beginning but now people are decorating the home. The best part is, home is the safest castle. The second wave is reported now.

Within 24 hours, fatalities are reporting. It is scary how the second wave is taking the world by storm. The vaccine trials began on the second hand. But the virus can mutate and this is the saddest part. We can hope that one day earth will be prosperous but until then work from is the best solution. Stay at home; be safe and save the world.


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