It is every body’s right to stay healthy, stress-free, and hydrated. Because health is wealth, it is not equal to silver and gold, sue it is more than material. As someone says “If there is health, then there is hope, and hope is everything. Good health makes you stress-free. So do you want to make yourself healthy and precious as gold and also want to stay healthy? So you should do Yoga Exercises. Yoga tells the beauty of awareness and takes your heart to an immediate and endless moment. Yoga is an ancient discipline from India. But how yoga exercises make you feel stress-free?

 History of yoga exercises:

The word “yoga” derived from the Sanskrit word which means “unite”. It can be described as a way of combining the individual spirit with the universal spirit of God. This is a spiritual and physical exercise. The practice of yoga uses breathing and meditation techniques that help your body work well internally. It improves health and happiness. It can save us from stress.

Many people say this is a Hindu religious habit, but that’s not true. Yoga is not a religion; it is an exercise that focuses on a healthy mind in a healthy body with sports yoga. Healthy lives are physically strong and have great mental and spiritual powers. Yoga exercises promote the balanced development of all three. Other forms of exercise only maintain physical fitness.

But yoga exercises have much to do with developing the spiritual body. The art of yoga exercise helps control the mind, body and soul.  Yoga discipline connects with the body and mind to achieve a peaceful life. It manages stress and anxiety and relaxes you. It is clear now how yoga makes us stress-free. Here is the list of 5 yoga exercise which you all have to follow.

Why is yoga breathing exercise recommended in daily life?

Pranayama is a technique that covers this breathing branch in yoga. They are highly recommended in daily life. Life symbolizes with the breath. Once a person is out of breath, it means he is dead. Everyday depressing laborious, anxiety causes shortness of breath.  Before and after any exercise or yoga poses, try to have 30s normal breath. All you have to do is deep breathing.

This will make you stress-free. Good breathing helps in clearing the head. It makes all organs oxygenated that in return, work properly.

What is the Importance of a yoga teacher?

When the teacher instructs the students, their role is to obey. Listen to the yoga teacher that what he is instructing in yoga discipline. Yoga is a permanent journey and an activity of consciousness, which is a fundamental part of mindfulness. A teacher who guides you on that journey is also included in the list.

yoga exercises
yoga teacher

You will be asked to do things with your body that you have never done before, and you should have full confidence in yoga teacher who is teaching you safely. The teacher guides the student on how to shift darkness in light. Similarly, we must acquire the mental strength to remove the obstacles that we are facing in yoga. Yoga teacher cooperates to make us stress-free. So we can make our inner light sparkle on the world.

Should we use a yoga mat for yoga poses?

Yoga mats offer some benefits. However, the yoga mat is not necessary to use during exercise. Of course, the yoga mats (we use today) are very recent inventions! Never think, the lack of yoga mat is a hurdle to practice. The main thing is to have a pillow. This is very important if you are doing an active practice that involves jumping and can only help by rolling your toes.

yoga exercises
yoga mats

A small pillow can also be nice by sitting on a hard surface. They can provide insulation, even if the surface is cold. Modern mats also try to be sticky enough to rest in the posture. Modern yoga mats offer to cushion and rubbing, which makes the application more comfortable and consistent in a variety of places, but it is not absolutely necessary.

Top 5 Yoga Exercises.

Increase your flexibility and rise core strength by reducing stress levels with yoga poses that offer a mix of the best yoga, Pilates and tai chi actions. You will strengthen your mind and produce a lasting sense of well-being and calm. They will you stress-free in daily life laborious routine. Here is the list of top 5 yoga exercises.

1-Mountain Pose


yoga exercises
Mountain pose

Yoga teacher concludes that “Mountain Pose is the foundation of all positions”. It gives you an idea of how to root for yourself and feel the world about you. The pose may seem “standing” in the mountains, but a lot happens. In this case, you should stand upright on your tie feet. Open your toes and put your weight on your toes and push down. Take 5-8 breaths. You will do your first and every trip on your yoga mat and perform yoga at home like a real yogi.


The plank is a yoga pose that balances the hands that strengthen the arms and support the spine and abdominal muscles. Yoga teacher recommends this pose among all yoga poses. It strengthened our stomach by straightening our body. In the traditional practice of this pose, hold your breath for some time before lowering your body to a low lifting position.

yoga exercises
plank pose

Start with your hands and knees with your wrists just below your shoulders. The laying of the bridge can be an excellent stabilizer of the heart and arm if applied correctly. The laying of the bridge can create strength of mind and resistance in the body if performed with the right alignment.

3-Locust Pose

Yoga teacher accepts that sometimes beginners can have difficulty continuing this posture because we have to raise the upper torso, head, and arms, raising the knee as far from the floor as possible. Higher-level students can challenge more with the diversity of Locust authors. For this reason, you may want to secure the floor under your pelvis and ribs to a folding blanket.

Locust pose

Lie on your abdomen with your arms along the sides of your torso, palms up and your forehead flat on the floor. Rotate the big toes in parallel to rotate the thighs from the inside. Exhale and boost your head, upper chest, arms, and legs off the floor. Firmly push your shoulder blades toward your back. But this pose strengthens the muscles of the spine, backsides, and the back of the arms and legs and stretching of shoulders, chest, abdomen and thighs makes you stress-free.

4-Cat-Cow Pose

This yoga exercise sounds and looks very cute. Yoga experts advise their adults to protect their neck by expanding their shoulder blades and lowering their shoulders from their ears. Yogis should begin with the arms and knees in the “table” position.

cat cow pose

Make sure your knees are right under your hips, and your wrists, elbows and shoulders are aligned and perpendicular to the floor on a yoga mat. Centre your head in a neutral position; eyes should be turned to the ground. Raise your head to look to the future. Exhale, returning to a neutral “table” position on the hands and knees.

This posture also stretches the front of the body and neck and gently massages the spine and abdominal organs and give strength to mind that ultimately make us stress-free.

5-Low Lunge

This low lunge variation expands the hips and opens the chest. You should start exhaling and step forward with your right foot in your hands, line up your right knee with your heels. Lift the chest from the elasticity of the shoulder edges to the back of the body.

Low lunge

Bring your head back and look up, being careful not to squeeze your neck. Hold for a minute, exhale to the right thigh and place your hands on the floor and turn your back under your feet. To improve balance, do this pose in front of the wall. Push the big toe of your front leg against the wall and spread your arms up, your finger toward the wall. Long hold in this will give u calm and mindfulness.


Practising yoga has many benefits for humanizing our health because it makes u stress-free and anxiety too. It protects us from illnesses and helps us stay fit, flexible and fresh throughout the day. So we should do it by ourselves if trainers are not available. Yoga can be studied as a science, psychology and practical subject in the classroom to give a new understanding of the life process.

We should maintain consistency, discipline and regularity and mindfulness. This can be achieved when wisdom is established with yoga excises.

Many of us work sitting in offices all day. Exercise cannot affect our body to make it look flat and stiff. As a result, we always feel the likelihood of pain, stress and illness. However, practicing yoga only once in our daily lives will help reduce and overcome problems that even medications cannot cure.

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