Some leading questions about human Intelligence

Technology revolutions and significant contributions of science have aroused serious questions over brainpower. Since the start of civilization to 21st-century humans are making significant improvements in lifestyle. Does this mean humans are getting smarter?  Is human intelligence going to keep growing? And what will human intelligence mean in the future?  Will emotional human intelligence showing an understanding of others, be consider more important than abstract logic? Will humans be eclipse by intelligence machines? 

How Brain power is expanding?

We asked some of the planets leading intelligence experts to share their views.  Human IQ according to the survey has enhanced up to 30 points in the 20th century. The difference between 100 and 130 is the difference between someone rank as average and someone rated as gifted, and so what that shows is human intelligence can be increase.

 Academic intelligence or analytical intelligence can be increase.

 And common sense you learn from the mistake you and others make in your life and how to fix them. Increasing the quality of nutrition, better education, and greater exposure to more new technologies are all factors behind our increasing human intelligence.

Will human intelligence stop growing?

But will we ever hit a limit?  It’s is pretty clear we won’t because we are going to keep on finding problems, creating problems, that require new tools and we are going to keep the old toolset and get some new ones and that is been going on ever since the industrial revolution.

We do not know if we will reach the limit of human intelligence because we do not know what the limit is.

The one thing we can be pretty sure of is that we all could do much better than we are doing, so regardless of what that limit is people could be much smarter if they focused on.

We have no idea what the limit of human intelligence or brainpower might be. I think in society today we have scratched the surface on our intellectual capacity and we will continue to grow.

Moving forward we would like to see us. Embrace the notion that intelligence is truly malleable, that we can grow and develop brain power and get smarter.  But not all our experts agree. People do not think human intelligence is rising at all and people do not think it has risen for a very long time.

 Go back 100,000 years and people were developing paint workshops and a little later they were developing plaques with abstract symbols.

Those people were human beings with brain powers like ours. People do not think human intelligence has changed since then. 

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How to measure Human Intelligence?

IQ tests focus too especially on abstracts logic to tell us, everyone, we need to know about a person’s intelligence so maybe us looking at intelligence the wrong way.  Perhaps it has time we stopped thinking about intelligence as an inbuilt we each have but as something more fluid.

 We would like to see society. Place fewer emphases on intelligence as it is conventionally define because it has very much viewed as an individual, where’s, in fact, most of what we do in groups.

We need as a society to put more emphasis on real-world intelligence how do you use whether it is your IQ or your creative intelligence,

 How do you use this creative intelligence and skills for common goods?

 If we start to think of human intelligence as a way of improving the common good we also need to ensure that everyone’s perspective is included. 

The neurodiversity movement, which has been growing exponentially in the last few years, makes the argument that individuals with different kinds of neurological capacities should not exclude but should be integrated into society because they have so.

Much, more to benefits that society.  It developed by autistic activities who argued that autistic people, people with intelligence differences, all people could shape changed the world.

Somebody likes great Thunberg is a perfect example of someone whose different style of thinking has led her to be able to.


Brainpower can perform miracles. The establishment of artificial intelligence is one of them. There is no comparison of the human brain and the p[products manufactured by the human brain

Have we likely to be out thoughts outgrown, or even replaced by intelligence machines? I would say that artificial intelligence and human intelligence are two completely separates phenomena.

Indeed,I will say that artificial intelligence is not bounding by the limits of human intelligence, for better or worse.  I think one of the rioted thinking is the whole idea of using computers as an analogy to brains. So I do not think computer intelligence and human intelligence are in the way comparable. It sounds like our old wet brains won’t be eclipsed. 


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