To be successful in life, you have to follow standardized and predictable procedures. Successful people have written multi success scripts according to personal experience and every success idea is contradictory. What if the way to succeed was opposite to the idea you have taught all of your life? There are many conservative and unconventional guides on if you want to succeed in life then how to plan strategies or how to be successful in life. What if success guide turns around at 180 degrees and someone says if you want to succeed let’s overcome your failure instead of trying to win. If you want to succeed then look beyond the horizon instead of following orthodox rules of outdated success guide.

  • Conventional Guides
  • Unconventional Guide

Some conventional guides to succeed in life

Here are four conventional guides for life success, but some people consider them too conservative and much orthodox.

If you want to succeed as bad as you want to Breath

If you want to succeed in life always go for passion and consistency. Life goes as long as the heart does a consistent job. Inhale struggle like breath, set your life goal, execute them as you execute consciousness.

Set do or die rule. Invest all energy and time for life purpose to be successful in life. But passion is required. Passion is a fiery ground that fills the soul with excitement and desire. You cannot do enough good job without passion.

If you want to succeed, double your failure rate

Failures in success journey are not disappointments but a staircase for achieving life goals. You perform and make mistakes, you learn a lesson and improve yourself. There is always room for improvement.

No matter how perfect your job is, there is always room for learning. Double failure rates if you want to visit roller coaster of a successful life. Success never comes easy.

Failures and heartbreaks are necessary and if you think you are not going to experience failures then you are living in merely fool’s paradise. Face failures and learn from failures.

Be focused if you want to succeed in life

Focused vision and concentration over a mono point are necessary. The alignments of ideas and strategies are essential. You cannot execute multi ideas at once. Management is necessary.

Good management comes with a sharp and focused vision. Be specific for life purposes. Be specific for the success journey. Doubts over self-competency can kill determination.

If you can think about it, you can purpose it, and can plan goals then definitely you can accomplish practically. The secrecy of doing or not doing depends on will power.

If you want to succeed don’t tell anyone

Psychology says, if you announce life goals then definitely your determination to accomplish will get down. Life goals are personal and they shouldn’t declare publically. Keep working in silence let achievement announce your victory.

A surprise is better than predictability especially for ones who always underestimated you.  

The unconventional guide to succeed in life

This is a new idea and called as unconventional guide for a successful life. It is beyond from existed success standards.

The idea is to stop trying to win.

This idea was based on the work designed by American engineer Simon Ramo. He was a busy guy developing and inventing things, starting fortune 500 companies being awarded dozen of an honorary degrees and honors for writing lots and lots of books.  

But he as well writes about topics like microwaves and technology. He also wrote about subject, tennis. Simon Ramo was fascinated by tennis and it was turn out one of his insights about the game is very useful for life in general. It comes down to his analysis of the two ways in which points won in tennis.

The first way to gain points is to win them doing something extraordinary your opponent can’t respond to. The other way points are awarded is when you screw up or do something stupid. Let’s think of this as losing points.

Ramo argued that in professional tennis, the tennis we used to admiring on television most of the points are won. Whereas in ordinary tennis the tennis actually played most of the points are lost; awarded because someone has made a stupid mistake. Based on his suggestions, winning tennis was to keep the thing easy.

The principle is easy as he wrote; if you want to improve the score in tennis start giving attention to stopping errors. Particularly the large fraction of imbecilic ones. In other words, if you want to succeed, stop trying to win every point like a professional one. 

Instead, just focus on avoiding simple mistakes. Focusing on error and mistakes might not seem sexy strategy but it is beneficial. And embracing error is productive talk.


There are two guides conventional and unconventional and both are contradictory. Success is a pile of hardships. One or another way you have to face them. But remember your journey is different from any person on earth. You can ask direction but cannot follow their path. Therefore try to set own objective and formulate own strategies instead of following any of outer success guide.


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