America is supporting a population of 330,155,290 that resides in 50 states. She is a superpower and founder of many international organizations (UNO, IMF, and WB). America always has a prominent role in world affairs. She has the power to change the course of the globe; the Pentagon has always a vision beyond sight. Eagle eye for far-sighted approach and leadership attribute allows her to enjoy special status not empirical one but a diplomatic one in true sense. But lack of vision of the American government for an outbreak (COVID-19) was unexpected for the American Public and the rest of the world.

Why America has high recorded cases:

Every time Donald trump torched the ray of hope. Being a superpower President trump always informed the nation we are at best and we can cope with the virus in the best ways… President and neither pentagon were ready for the scenario that is happening right now. Yes, a terror Coronavirus outbreak that has been marking the world since 17 November 2019. This viral flue stain has turned into a pandemic. WHO suggested lock down as a possible defensive measure. But Donald Trump saying the Chinese virus has faced massive criticism around the globe. But coronavirus (COVID-19) has entered America and statistics are shocking because none of the states was expecting this data.

Sometimes ignorance and false suggestions about the world can defeat you in the worst manner. Italy did the same, irresponsible and careless attitude caused massive damage there and now America has followed the footstep of Italy as American president Donald Trump stated in a press conference:

“I want every American to be prepared for the days that lie ahead. This is going to be very, very painful two weeks”.

This statement created chaos among states. Why would not be a superpower ready to cope with the outbreak despite having the best facilities?

Yes, America made the same mistake as Italy did. Lack of precautions, careless attitude and irresponsible approach of public and authorities now stood the state at the graved- spot.

Some Statistics and Future Aspects:

Country Recorded cases Recorded Deaths Region
United States 188,592 4,055 North America
Italy 105,792 12,428 Europe
Spain 95,923 8,464 Europe
China 81,554 3,312 Asia
Germany 71,808 775 Europe

America has high recorded cases of the respiratory outbreak. And if the president of America prepared people psychologically by his statement very, very painful weak it means bad times likely to happen. Delusions of America have put her in deep pitch. Europe and America are facing deadly consequences despite having strong economic grounds and the best medical facilities. Maybe, sometimes we have to be careful because no matter how much power was our one act of negligence can turn the tables around.


America and Italy are self-taught lessons for the states that have not responsible approaches yet. Coronavirus has almost knocked on the door of every state. Negligence and false prediction and delusion of resources have grasped Italy and superpower. Life is precious and the authority of a state is responsible for every life that is connected to them. A small act of laxity can put your life at risk. We must preach the world staying at home is the only possible situation we have. Otherwise, superpower and developed countries have failed to cope with the virus and developing countries are in dark danger.



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